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Zoanne Clack on "I Will Survive"...

Original Airdate: 5-12-11

Doh!  What is Alex doing?  Mer is his trusted friend, his confidante… she’s his landlord for godssakes!  You don’t just, well, tell on her!  But that’s exactly what he does.  He’s tired of women tromping all over him, tired of always getting leftovers (wasn’t sure if tromping was really a word but I looked it up and it is).  He’s gonna take what’s his for a change.  Let’s go through his relationships, shall we?  When we first met him, he was a total jerk to Mer.  Despite that, despite being foul, she let him in to her inner sanctum, sometimes admitting things to him that she wouldn’t admit to most people.  And he returned the favor.  It is/was a true friendship, without the turmoil of love and physical wanting invading it.  So let’s move on from that one.  There was Nurse Olivia, and there was syphilis… wait, those were one in the same.  Then there was Izzie who was kind of the love of his life.  The first time their relationship fizzled because he took a backseat to Denny, a freakin’ dying patient. And even then he was there to pick up the pieces for her.  The second time he actually married her, kind of hastily, but he would’ve done anything for her.  He’d opened his heart to her.  This time, she was the freakin’ dying patient.  And what happened?  She left him.  She, the dying one, left him, the strong one.  The man who was in love with her.  And would’ve  done whatever needed to be done to keep her safe and comfortable.  But she left him anyway.  Boom.  Another one bites the dust.  And in between?  Jane Doe/Ava/Rebecca?  Remember her?  All bashed up from the wreckage, Alex gave her an identity, gave her hope, gave himself hope, only to realize she had a husband underneath it all, and she picked her old life.  He opened his heart to her again when she came back, but no matter how much love he gave her, it could not prevail over he mental illness.  He had to let go.  The constant heartache has got to gnaw on a person.  And this time?  This time Lucy dealt the backbreaker.  He was vulnerable and open with yet another woman and he got the rug pulled from beneath his feet.  Open heart?  Meet foot.  He can’t just sit around and let his potential chances get ruined.  Yes he loves Meredith Grey as a friend, truly and deeply.  But is he going to let his heart prevail this time?  Is he going to risk keeping it open by keeping her secret only for it to be stomped on yet again and potentially miss getting Chief Resident because of it?  In his head, he’s yelling at Meredith, he’s getting what’s due him, he’s not going down without a fight.  In his head.  But then there was the drinking.  And the defenses went down.  And the inhibitions were released.  Along with the filters.  The things in his head came out through his mouth and… oops.  What just happened?

What happened was people got their feelings hurt.  Over and over in this episode.  Henry for instance.  I happen to love little Henry.  And his love for Teddy.  He spent the whole episode trying to be a better man, trying to be someone worthy of her love, only to get his little heart stepped on at the end.  But like a man, he stepped up to the plate, didn’t whine to get her back or pout, just asked for a divorce instead of a relationship.  I think it might’ve been the saddest moment of the show for me, when Teddy walked away and stood there, unable to watch her go. 

It’s almost more sad than Jackson nobly stepping off the Chief’s study to make sure the clinical trial had a chance to be considered for a Harper-Avery.  He realized there would be a conflict of interest if he stayed on, he couldn’t let that happen.  This is a chance for real groundbreaking research to be recognized, and Jackson wasn’t going to stand in the way.  And besides, he’s got Lexie to fill the void… right?

And Mer/Der?  They’ve got Baby Zola to fill their void.  They’ve been struggling and struggling to have a baby but so far?  Nothing.  Then there’s this orphan.  This adorable, sweet, beautiful little orphan.  Mer’s scared, and deep inside Der is, too, but they’re willing to forego their doubts to give this baby a home.  And if anyone read Shonda’s blog on the musical, you’ll know that Patrick Dempsey is the McDreamy BabyWhisperer.  Couldn’t have been truer.  It was so hard to get scenes with that baby crying because she was just a happy, happy baby (they’re twins actually, and they were both very, very happy – all the time), but when PDemp aka Derek Shepherd aka McDreamy was on the scene, fuhgetaboudit.  Smiling, happy, laughing baby is what we got.  Not that we’re complaining.

I think my favorite part of the episode was Callie sniffing Sofia’s little head and wanting to eat Sofia’s little foot before she gave her up to go work.  Couldn’t have been cuter. 

I guess I should also say, Welcome Back, Cristina Yang.  She was Cristina with a vengeance today, wouldn’t you say?  She took charge and made things happen, but I’m pretty proud of April for standing up to her – over and over.  She’s coming into her own also.  Good for her.

And just a little medical note since I’m the doc on board: yes, abdominal pregnancies can happen.  Extremely, extremely rare, but not impossible.  And yes, they can go undetected, even with an ultrasound.  And the tree?  Real case from Russia.  It may have happened only once that we can find (with a tree), but it happened in Russia, and it happened at Seattle Grace.  So technically, that’s twice, right?  And sickle cell was the motivation for the theme of adaptation.  I find it fascinating that Sickle Cell trait developed as an adaptation to protect people from malaria.  You can follow maps of malaria and maps of Sickle Cell and they fall together perfectly.  We know what gene mutated, how it adapted, what it does, yet we are still working hard to make it stop.  Having the trait can help, but having the disease can be deadly.  They’re working hard to make it a thing of the past though.

Okay, had to do just a little medical.  It’s out of my system.  



dude you ruined alex/mer. you've ruined mer to the point where she's going to end up alone, potentially jobless. this show can't get any lower. you've ruined everything that used to make it what it is through a contrived storyline that doesn't even make sense.
meredith's actions were incredibly out of character and derek LEAVING meredith is bizarre and totally messed up. after seven years fans deserve a hell of a lot more.
and how dare alex betray mer. all those relationships you listed where alex got screwed, guess who had his back? MEREDITH GREY. she's the ONLY one who has always had his back. and you've now ruined her relationship with cristina this season, who didnt have her back, and now with alex and soon with derek.

i dont know why you're even keeping ellen pompeo on this show. you're ruining meredith grey and you're ruining mer/der to punish fans or something because NONE of this makes sense.


Miss Romano

Amazing episode, amazing cliffhanger for next week. WHY ISN'T THE SEASON FINALE 2 HOURS?


Loved, loved, loved this episode!!!! It was a perfect balance of everything.

So happy to see Owen Hunt and Cristina Yang back on my screen. Loved that Cristina Yang was back to her full self. The no sex was hillarious. My favorite part was that Owen truly got Cristina and at the bar she truly grasped this too. This couple is never boring - they fight, disagree, restrain from sex, etc. but at the end of the day they get each other and love each other. I just pray you all don't screw these two up, because I will truly be heartbroken.


I really don't know what to think anymore. You had such a potentially great storyline for Meredith and Derek and it looks like you blew it, especially after seeing the preview for next episode. It's laughable really, I'm an idiot. I hung in for 7 seasons for this?

I really hope this is the last season for Pompeo and Dempsey, as a fan of theirs and Meredith and Derek I am just exhausted. I'm ready to move on. I don't expect it to be all rainbows and butterflies, but these 30 second glimpses we get that have barely any substance are just not cutting it. There is no depth to the story.

I don't care about April.
I don't care about Jackson.
I don't care about Teddy, or her pathetic love life.
Callie, Arizona and Mark are awful.

Why would I want to come back for season 8?


Dr. Clack!

Right when I found out that you were going to write this episode, I knew it was going to be awesome and it was! I LOVE your episodes! They always have incredible medical cases and are so interesting and you give the characters awesome dialogue!

I loved the scene when Cristina is helping Meredith on what to say to the social worker. I loved the scene between Lexie and Mark. I loved that April stood up for herself to Cristina and I loved that Cristina realized that being an excellent surgeon is more important to her than being chief resident. I am really looking forward to who you guys pick for chief resident. The final scene with Henry was so heartbreaking. I yelled at the TV when Alex ratted out Meredith. Alex seriously needs a break from the women in his life.

Can't wait for the finale! But sad that the season is already over.

My guess is that Meredith is not going to be fired. If she was, then I don't think they would have put that in the promo.

Awesome episode and awesome season!


Owen and Cristina are just too good together! I didn't like them much after the whole choking incident but now I just love this quirky pairing. They are so different but they get each other to the core plus they are the most entertaining duo to watch.


The medical is always good :) Great bizarre cases!

I'm really glad you talked about Alex and Izzie b/c I always felt, through all the years, that that is exactly how he felt about her. It was just nice to see that. I really feel for him. The thought that he might go to Africa and be off the show was excruciating.

Never really liked Lucy. She's hot and sassy and all but there is just such distance to her, she feels emotionally unavailable, way too aloof, can't connect w/her as a character and care about her, so yeah. Said it before and will say it probably a lot more, I've always liked the idea of Alex with April. He needs someone sweet and, well, stable. And in some ways she reminds me of Izzie's personality in the way that she's perky and optimistic and goes so far out of her way for her patients. I think it's definitely between the two of them, Alex and April for chief res, been seeing those two rise to the top for awhile.

I always loved the Alex/Mer friendship, which has been pretty constant for so many years now. Can't imagine what this is going to do to things. I read somewhere (though I try to avoid spoilers at all costs) that the finale is an emotional shootout and I immediately had the thought that the one doing the firing of the emotional shots will be the chief (which would be a nice turn on last year's finale) but that's all complicated b/c Meredith's questionable actions could potentially benefit his wife. All kinds of tangled. It'll be interesting to see where it goes!

And YAY for some Mark and Lexie love :) And, although she doesn't see it (or maybe in the end she does), Owen did a loving thing for/to Cristina, b/c he's totally right. She wants the prestige/power of the job but she would hate the organizing and busywork of the job; it's just not her.


"Crack baby" = cutest scene ever!! I love that Mark and Callie (and AZ) are parents. Love love love.

Cristina Yang is a badass. All she wants to do is be an awesome surgeon, and if people are going to take it away from her she'll find a way. Sure, I don't agree with her having to skip steps/break some rules, but her surperiors are being a bit irrational as well, imo.


YAY! Finally got some quality Cristina and Owen scenes. THANK YOU!


Why did you guys even bother having Callie marry Arizona if you're just going to put her in scenes with Mark all the time? Unless Sara and Jessica had some sort of falling out behind the scenes and you're working around them because otherwise I don't get the shocking lack of chemistry/romantic interaction between Calzona since AZ returned from Africa. It's awful and this episode reinforced it big time.


The scene with Mark and Lexie got my attention most. I'm not going to lie, for the past few episodes I've been losing interest (what was that musical?) mostly im pretty sure because I was convinced that the show turned into the Callie and Arizona and Us show. And to think I'm wasn't exactly the biggest fan of Mark and Lexie to begin with but all of a sudden I watch this episode to find that 1. wow Lexie finally cares about the baby? 2. the writers are actually acknowledging the fact that Mark and Lexie were together? Honestly I'm not even a big fan of the couple to begin with, but I feel for their fans when they said they don't get enough attention. They get played around about every other episode or so but then in between there'sno scenes between them whatsoever when the issues that come up hit their relationship pretty hard. The baby, the wedding..

This episode made me a Mark and Lexie fan for those reasons. I didn't mind them before, but yeah. The continuity with this couple is written - without thought. I don't want to say horrible, because while the whole 'Mark's 18 year old daughter' storyline just sucked the most (sucked is the best word for that storyline, i refuse to use any other), the fact that these two are just played around whenever you feel like it or so is annoying me and frankly, I think because of the fact that you give them such scenes that spark with interest and then choose to ignore them the next few and back - annoys me, and I feel for the couple so much because of it and understand their fans' complaints that I became attached to the couple.

Oh well, that's my opinion.


LOVED the Mark/Lexie/Sofia scene. The rest of the episode could have just been a black screen and I would have been fine with that. They are the main reason I watch the show. Can't wait to see what happens in the finale with them. Although I'm not looking forward to a possible cliffhanger. Hiatus sucks.

I've been hoping forever that April gets chief resident... along with a love interest.. like Alex.

Jamie J.

I love this show, and I know Meredith did wrong, but I cannot for the life of me take the writes beating her up again. Alex yelled at a patient for 100,000 (against eh rules) no punishment. Lexie pushed a potential transplant donor (Meredith) into giving her dad part of her liver, but illegally going through her medical file. Izzie took someone else heart and cut and the wire, Cris operated on patients she had no right to so that Burke could go on with his career and the Chief broke protocol and took islet cells then told Derek "rules have to be broken" and not one of these folks have faced true punishment by the writers, but Mer will. Mer and her good heart. Mer will lose Derk Zola, her job. Simply more than any other characters and for what? Are you going to tell us she has more growing to do? Because to me, Meredith had ALL of the characters on this show's back. She looked out for the Chief here, just like she did when he was drinking and STILL she'll get punished. She looked out for Alex, Izzie, Lexie and Cris too. My heart breaks for Mer and I rely will be so disappointed if Mer loses Zola and Derek over this. Not only will Shonda's promise be broken, but so will my trust and to be honest, I just cannot go into another season o watch Meredith begin beaten down by all around her. It's not right. And it's too heartbreaking for me to endure. Don’t know if I can anymore. It’s just too painful and not fair.


PLEASE don't let Derek and Meredith break up because of this thing with the trial. I cannot handle them being apart again, and all the fighting. And PLEASE do not have her fired for real. I know she screwed up. But she did it for a great cause. Was it right? No. Was it noble? Perhaps. And I also just pretty please ask for Lexie and Mark to get back together. They love each other. They really do, and she is Mark's love of his life. I really do love them together. And thank you for keeping Callie and Arizona together through everything...love it.


You are ruining your own show. I've had enough. Goodbye.


I agree with all you said about Alex Zoanne and I'm sorry that he told on Meredith, I'm not saying what she did was right, but she has been a great friend to him. If I remember correctly Meredith, Cristina, Alex and George stood by Izzie when she screwed up with Denny. I've been pulling for Alex to get CR, but now I'm just disappointed with him and as we see from next week's trailer he is just a chicken**** to move out and not face Meredith. Good for Lucy for going for the job in Africa, I mean Alex made it clear that he had nothing to keep him in Seattle,
As for Cristina she bypasses protocol and still gets rewarded with a surgery, something wrong here, this is not her first and I'm sure not her last breach. Glad to hear she will not be CR.
Mereidth does something wrong, admittedly wrong, but look at her consequences, looks like she looses her husband, her job, the Chiefs respect and a good friend, I just hope she tells them all to go to hell, she didn't need then before and she will survive again,she has had to may times before.
Sorry to see that you all thought it necessary to mess up her life, I do hope that Derek will at least talk to her.
I will watch next weeks episode, then I will have watched since day one, but I doubt I will watch next season, as you seem to let some people off easily and others get, well you know.


AWESOME EPISODE! It was freakin' great! Loved it so much. It was a perfect balance of medisin and personal stuff. So many great scenes! And I loved EVERY storyline.
Nicely done!


The only reason I was still watching Grey's was for Meredith and Alex, their friendship and their growth. Totally shot to hell, and I don't care why.

Alex is that upset over Lucy, who was only ever nice to him in Callie's hallucination? And Meredith just lies her way through her wedding and now the race for Chief Resident? Who are these people?

Throw in Cristina stuck with over-bearing, condescending Owen, and the joke that is Teddy and this episode was awful.

April, Teddy, and Avery continue to be absolutely insufferable. Why, why, why is so much time wasted on them?


ok... are you trying to make april chief resident? why am i getting the feeling that she will be the next chief resident. i love cristina but i guess owen is right. cristina does not follow protocol. that's why she is good! she loves surgery & she loves to bend the rules for surgeries. as for alex, i was in awe there! i never thought that alex would do that. but i agree w/ you ms. zoanne, a lot of women have stomped on alex's heart. its too bad that mer have to be the shock absorber. but again theres no secret left hidden. also, i love her scene w/ the adoption lady. you can see she's really trying to give a good impression.
now im curious about next week and sad that its the end of the season! :'(
anyway, thanks ms. zoanne, it was quite an episode. :')


Yay! I love this show, and I loved Christina tonight. I was so glad she wasn't mad at Owen... I think next week is going to be a really hard episode based on the preview. Thanks for a great episode tonight and may Grey's Anatomy be on for at least 10 more seasons :) LOVE IT!


Free Arizona!
Free Cristina!


Nice informative blog, so thanks!

There were things about this episode that I really liked and things I didn't.

So to start with what I liked...

Callie calling her baby "crack" was great. That really is a crack baby (great casting). My son was like that which is why I couldn't let him out of my sight for the first four months of his life. I was totally addicted.

I liked seeing Dr. Robbins back. I've missed her pretty much all season long. I hope we get to see her a lot more often.

I liked Cristina, the tree in the lung story, and her constant dispensing of advice to everyone.

I liked Owen telling Cristina what we all know--she lives to cut and would make a terrible Chief Resident.

I liked MerDer and Zola. Those twins are freakin adorable.

I loved the Meredith scene with the social worker.

As boring as Jackson has been this season, I liked his "noble" behavior regarding the trial.

What I didn't like.....

Alex and Lucy. I just don't care and I don't buy them as a couple and never did. Lucy taking the job in Malawi, don't care. How'd she get it anyway? Wouldn't the clinic speak to Arizona about her? So how exactly did she steal that from Alex? That didn't really make sense to me.

Teddy's love triangle--I just don't really care. I like Henry, and Andrew is boring, but yeah, not that interested.

C/A or should I say the lack of C/A in favor of Mallie or C/M/A yet again. I am a huge C/A fan, but these two act more like friends than two people who are "in love" and just got married. They're newlyweds who are MFEO? Really? I'm still struggling to understand why they are together at all.

We live in a heteronormative culture, so why are all of their family scenes (Callie, Mark, and baby), (Callie, Mark, Arizona, and baby with Arizona trailing behind as they leave the hospital) just reinforcing that view? What exactly was the point of a lesbian wedding, if most of what we see on screen just reinforces heteronormative views on family? TV is a visual medium after all. As a bisexual woman, the queer part of me cringes pretty much every time they are on screen and that didn't happen last year or the year before.

I also hate that Alex told on Meredith (I actually would have preferred if she came clean herself).


Meredith and Derek cannot do this. Next weeks promo shows her walking home to an empty bed which I think is alex's. But oh fricken no. This can't happen!


I just want to know what you guys are trying to do with Arizona. You've made this delightful character into nothing but a doormat.
She doesnt deserve to be mishandled into being a third-wheel for Callie and Mark.
For those who didnt watch last week's episode and tuned in today, they never would have guessed that those two were married and apparently in love. Seriously, where is the love? I see it from Arizona but why isnt this a mutual feeling?
At first I blamed Mark for being too nosey, for hovering all the time but i realized today, the problem isnt Mark, it's Callie. Arizona is her WIFE now, so see her and treat her like one! Set boundaries, make her feel safe and loved and DONT play on her insecurities.
If this is all a build up for a break up, then we all know who the bad guy's gonna be - Arizona, as she's probably the one doing the leaving. But if that's what it takes for her to be seen and heard and appreciated, then let it be, let her out of this triangle. Maybe then Callie will not take her for granted.

GAfromthePhilippines withlove

yay! first comment! (or so i thought) what i liked about this episode is its being very very very quiet. no patient nearly dying, or intense throwing of speeches among the characters. its just quiet. and you know what they say about the ocean being quiet, its deep and deadly and dangerous. what alex did was so... right, i guess. that has to come out from him or he'll be like rebecca. but that just proves that he really is not mer's friend. remember what cristina said about mer? that if she will be murdering a person it will be mer whom she will call to drag the victim with out of the living room. that's genuine friendship. alex just a traitor. just saying. then there's cristina! cristina is cristina again, thank goodness. she's out of line, she's hardcore, she's frank and hurting people (kepner) but what do you guys expect? she. is. cristina. my favorite scene in this episode is when mer picked up zola for the first time. she picked her up. derek did not ask her to take zola. she totally took zola. that is very sweet. she really wants that child. next favorite scene is henry and teddy's "breakup" so so so real. that's sad. i hope teddy will not leave the show. so, again, yay! first comment. and i am hoping that the finale will be as explosive as last season's.

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