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Tia Napolitano on "Start Me Up"...

Original Airdate: 1-13-11

Poor, clueless first year med students. “Too dumb to find the toilet,” as Cristina puts it. They’re peering into body cavities for the first time, trying to impress their residents…or at least stay conscious. All while surrounded by renowned surgical geniuses. No pressure, right? They’re star struck, over-eager, and intimidated. And somehow they always seem to be in the way. Just ask Jackson.

It’s tough being at the bottom of the surgical food chain! And I have to empathize with these “interns and residents of tomorrow.” I’m the writers’ assistant here at Grey’s. I spend five days a week in a room filled with, well, television genius. It was more than a little intimidating at first. Luckily, I’ve yet to pass out on the job, and no one writes on me with permanent marker. Although, it’s entirely possible I’ll end up bedazzled one day – our writers’ room is like a kindergarten stocked with glitter, glue and paints. But I probably shouldn’t give them any ideas… 

Bedazzling aside, my job is kind of awesome. Ok, the bedazzling is kind of awesome, too. I get to sit in the room and take notes while the writers simultaneously goof off and unspool their genius. I also used to be the writers’ PA here, so I had the pleasure of posting (and posting, and posting…you fans have a lot to say!) all of your blog comments. And I know you guys aren’t reading this to hear what I ate for breakfast this morning. You want the inside scoop on this episode.

One tiny thing first. I’d like to do our writers’ PA, Fran, the favor our researcher, Meg, once did for me.  Fran moderates all the comments on this blog, and there’s one rule that you should keep in mind when posting: be nice to Fran. Also, WHEN YOU YELL IN ALL CAPS AT FRAN, it’s a little bit scary. Don’t scare Fran. And don’t curse at Fran! Fran keeps the writers fed, and caffeinated. And writers that are well fed and well caffeinated write the best episodes. So please be nice to Fran. You wouldn’t want to get on her bad side…

Speaking of bad sides, remind me never to piss off Callie Torres! She’s certainly not that girl who forgives and forgets at the first glimmer of an apology. “I. Don’t. Want. You. In my life.” Could she be any clearer? It’s heartbreaking. But I was so, so proud of Callie for standing her ground. Girl’s got principles. All Arizona wants is a second chance with the woman she loves. Is that really so much to ask? Turns out it is. Because not only is Callie deeply hurt, she’s also pregnant. With Mark’s baby.

Wow. That lands on Arizona like a slap across the face. Do you remember when she iced Alex after finding out he slept with Callie? And that happened before Callie and Arizona were even dating. Mark Sloan might want to invest in a new deadbolt for his door. And a guard dog.

In a way, this is everything Callie wanted (she was the girl with the aching womb!). It’s just not wrapped in the pretty package she probably envisioned. But that’s life. And Callie knows it. And it’s not quite the fresh start Arizona was looking for either, though it is the beginning of something…

Bailey’s wading into unchartered territory, too. Talk of steamy on-call room rendezvous and dirty notes left in charts? Dr. Bailey? This is something the room struggled with. How can she still be Bailey while doing such un-Bailey-like things? What we figured out is that Miranda Bailey is still the same person, with a slightly new attitude. There are people, like Eli, who enter our lives and instantly change them, even if only a little. “Why the hell not?”

Our doctors are dynamic. They grow, change, roll with the punches. Look at Meredith, peeing on ten stolen pregnancy tests hoping for just one to be positive. She thinks she’s gone soft core. At least in the race for Chief Resident. But as the Chief points out, the residents have been getting evaluated since their first day at the hospital. It’s a marathon, not a sprint…kind of like trying to make a baby.

Not a bad deal for Derek, who’s happily “practicing” with his wife. But Mer’s fearing the worst, agonizing all day over the failed pregnancy tests. She’s an overachiever! And this failing thing? It’s not cool. Baby-making isn’t a surgery Mer can study up for and then rock. Practice does make perfect. So she’ll have to be patient. 

One last thing. It’s so great to have Cristina back in the hospital! And just in time to haze the med students and caution Mer about poo-covered babies. Is there really such a thing as a clean slate? It doesn’t seem like it. Cristina’s back in the game, but she’s not starting over, just continuing to build the career she’s worked so hard for. She’s up against some fierce competition. But that’s how all our doctors thrive – under pressure. And I can’t wait to see how they step it up in the final leg of the race.



like Ross Geller likes to say, "We were on a break!"


This whole Mark/Callie baby news may be the most awful thing you have ever done to the viewers!!! I am so devistated! I really hope this doesn't ruin the best couple you have had since Merideth and Derek! Callie and Arizona are MFEO!!!


Oh snap! That's all I could think of or say after watching the end of tonight's ep.


I'm pretty disgusted with the way this Callie/Mark/Arizona thing has been handled. The baby drama has been done to death. Its not creative, its not interesting, and its not entertaining. Arizona and Callie have so many issues that need to be worked out, that a baby is just OVER THE TOP!


I'm just wondering if MerDer fans are going to get anything this season beyond 30 second bookends in their bed (fully clothed, might I add)? If Teddy and her Denny 2.0 and no-name med students are going to continue sucking up MerDer's (or hell, just Mer or Der) screen time, maybe it's best that I don't return in February.

It seems like you guys have lost your focus, lost your fans, lost what made Grey's must-see TV. Go back to the core. This isn't the same show I fell in love with years ago-- not even close.


It’s no secret that Callie and Mark have one of the BEST relationships on the show. And the sorbet sex was so. Freakin. HOT!
I’m happy as a clam that Callie’s pregnant with Mark’s baby (and holy crap, how cute that baby would be!!). They love, respect, and support one another and I think it’s pretty damn perfect. So, THANK YOU :)

Arizona’s “pretty pink bubble” is officially popped! I do enjoy Callie/Arizona, and their final scene was insane… Still gives me chills! I’m looking forward to their journey. (SaRa Ramirez, you are fabulous. I heart you!!!)

Go Bailey! Eli is so sooooo sexy!!

Ana M.


I wish I had good things to say (especially since you're new) but that wasn't that good. Actually, it was bad.

* This Teddy/Henry thing is really, really boring. I feel like watching Dizzie again but without the wait of cutting the LVAD wire. It's not gaining sympathy for Teddy or Almost Dead Guy.

* Callie & Arizona...was the baby really necessary? I mean, come on. There are other ways to handle this without a pregnancy. It's like another episode of the Mexican Soap Operas I used to watch. Actually, those are getting better. I hate Arizona but not even I wanted this for her.

* There is something wrong in the universe when the med students get more story/screentime than Patrick Dempsey and Ellen Pompeo. Really. That's all they get? One whole minute? And Meredith has to be patient? 7 years of throwing crap at her doesn't call for patience? Actually, why isn't there a story for her that can show us patience because that's also lacking.

* I don't know why April or Avery are on this show. They are really useless puppets.

I apologize I have nothing good to say but GA hasn't given me much good to say with. I guess I can summarize this up by saying how disappointed I am.


Wow. You guys must really hate MerDer fans. I mean, you build up a wedding storyline, have Mer try on dresses, and even go so far as to create a MerDer wedding website and then give the wedding to Alex and Izzie. Instead of a legal wedding MerDer fans get a rushed post-it wedding. Now you build up a baby storyline for MerDer fans and then give the baby to Callie and Mark, while MerDer fans are stuck with a miscarriage and fertility problems. Seriously? What a great way to treat that fans who have stuck with this show since day one. I mean, what next? Are you going to give the house in the woods to Teddy and Denny 2.0? What a waste!

In fact, this whole season has been a waste! A waste of EP and PD's chemistry (seriously, are we ever going to get more than 20 seconds of them on screen together?), a waste of so many potentially great storylines for Mer and MerDer, and a huge waste of my time!


I am trusting you all with Callie/Arizona. I may not quite like where they are right now, but I am trusting you! I am trying to remain positive and optimistic. Afterall, they are MFEO. <3 So I am trusting you! I do hope you stop making me cry and causing my heart to crumble, because if it continues to do so, I may not be able to find all the pieces on the floor and have to live the rest of my life with a hole in my heart :)


I think it's perfect. Callie wanted a baby and to have her best friend as the father of her baby is great.


Well, I'm thrilled that Callie's pregnant with Mark's baby. Ignore the haters.


Omg, yes thank you Grey's writers!!! Thank you so much for finally telling an original and creative storyline about two women in love and not have it become soap opera like or cliche or predictable or always having a man shoved into their storyline to make it "interesting"...

oh wait a minute...

never mind.


MerDer fans want a wedding, Izzie and Alex get it instead. MerDer fans want them to live alone in their own place, Christina and Owen get that instead. MerDer fans want a baby, Mer has a miscarriage and a hostile uterus and Callie gets that instead. It's all getting a bit old, don't you think?

How many unplanned/unwanted pregnancies have happened on this show? For a bunch of doctors, they sure aren't smart. IT'S CALLED PROTECTION. It'd be refreshing (and responsible) if someone (other than those actually trying to have a baby) could try it sometime.

And holy wow, are Teddy and Henry boring. Why does Henry get a 5 minute speech in one painfully long scene and Derek gets 5 minutes of screen time TOTAL? I don't get it.

T Newton

Tia, loved the epi...I am just hurt that callie and mark can get pregnant without trying, while merder can't catch a break. i know this is just the beginning of their baby story, but i already want it to be over and for them to have a mcbaby...

can't wait for the new epi


I honestly really don't like this whole baby situation for Callie and Mark. They are bestfriends and this isn't helping Callie and Arizona's relationship.They are MFEO. I hope this whole baby thing isn't gonna ruin them. I really didn't like how this ep ended today. MerDer deserve the baby they are the ones that have been trying. Not pleased with tonights episode.


I thought tonight's episode was pretty good! And I for one like the Teddy story line and can't wait to see how that plays out. As for Mer & Der the season's not over and if we're patient enough there just might be a baby. Callie's always wanted a baby and not she's finally getting one. The characters are changing and growing and although Grey's is not exactly the same as it was, I think the show has stayed true to its fan's and change is not always a bad thing!


I am not giving up on MerDer baby just yet. But MerDer better be pregnant before Season 7 ends, or I'll do an Arizona... I'll bail!

Here's hoping Mer's impending pregnancy will create a big fat SL for MerDer. They are the show lead characters after all! They deserves more screentime together rather than 30 seconds bookends. It's just getting so annoying the lack of MerDer screentime. Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey have such amazing chemistry, please writers, editors, don't waste it.


I don't freaking care abt whether or not Callie is pregnant with any damned one's baby I thought once Yang's PTSD is over there wld be something on MerDer front If nothing then at least more screen time but bang First half of Season 6 was Yang's Anatomy and now it feels like the second half might be Callie's anatomy great wld we ever get a chance to say its MerDer's anatomy??
I don't mind if they can't get pregnant soon I wld love to see them struggle and crave more and more for a baby But AT LEAST show that struggle give them their due screen time I watch this show only for this one couple and if they aren't given good amount of screen time I don't see any reason or motivation to keep hanging on to it
More MerDer PLEASE
But I have to say the two scenes we got today were beyond exceptional PD and EP say so much with just their eyes Really really felt for Mer and adore Der for just being there for her and going on building her hope


So disappointed. SO. DISAPPOINTED. Grey's fans deserve better than this. A baby? Really? A Mark and Callie baby nonetheless? You guys really took the easy way out on this one...unplanned pregnancy is just so unoriginal. So below this show. And for the record, I saw nothing funny about tonight's epi. Not even looking forward to Feb and how this all "works out". LEAVE HER ARIZONA, LEAVE HER. Ugh.


Some continuity errors - I know it's Grey's and you guys really don't care or try for anything to you know fit -- but --
Arizona is not an army brat, she is a marine brat.

Surgeons don't wear nail polish or dangling ear rings in surgery, no where no how.

Eye make up, hair styling even hair color changed throughout the episode for three different characters. Come on get it together!


Watching the show was once like an obsession to me (particularly because of MerDer and their incomparable chemistry). Now it`s just like a bad habit I think I should get out off. Like someone said: This became really a waste, a waste of EP`s and PD`s talent and chemistry and surely a waste of my time.


Honestly, not to be harsh or anything, found tonight's episode a little boring. I was hoping for a good episode esp. after last week's "Disarm" but God, tonight's was seriously uninteresting.

-There was no Mark/Lexie interaction at all.
- MerDer as usual, we start the episode with a few seconds of them and end with a few seconds of them on screen.
- Teddy/Bailey/Chief scenes were funny.
-Teddy/Henry, I don't buy it.

More importantly, I get that we need drama and twists here and there to keep the show going. But, why screw up 2 r/ships at the same time. Why must Callie be pregnant and destroy both her and Arizona's r/ship with Mark/Lexie.

Plus, Callie being pregnant was not a big shocker at all. I am sure a lot of fans who are actively online in GA forums would have guessed it.

Anyways, I always try to be optimistic when it comes to Grey's cuz you guys have proven that Grey's Anatomy can be great. So, hoping for a great episode soon. All the best. And thank you.


Worst episode ever.

Just for the record, I am pretty sure most of your audience doesn't give a rip about Teddy. The fact that Teddy and Dead Denny get more screentime than mer/der makes me crazy. So, yeah, YOU GUYS SUCK.


Hi Fran!

"Omg, yes thank you Grey's writers!!! Thank you so much for finally telling an original and creative storyline about two women in love and not have it become soap opera like or cliche or predictable or always having a man shoved into their storyline to make it "interesting"...

oh wait a minute...

never mind."

I second Kylie's emotion.


I am not usually one to write on these message boards, but tonight's episode was nothing but a disappointment. I can only imagine the responses this episode will illicit from the diehard Callie/Arizona fans.

It's not that I was surprised when Callie announced she was pregnant, the foreshadowing of that story line was about as subtle as semi crashing into a living room. Yet, I was still disappointed. I was disappointed that the writers took such an easy out with these characters. I have to agree with Ana M. the lesbian baby story line is so tired and frankly a little pedestrian. The idea that a room full of highly paid professional writers could not come up with a better story line for creating drama in the platonic and romantic relationships of these characters is baffling. I hope my assessment of where this story is going for Callie, Arizona, Mark, Lexie and Derek is wrong, but given tonight's episode I doubt it.

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