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Krista Vernoff on "Good Mourning" and "Goodbye"...

Original Airdate: 9-24-09

Below I’ve pasted an email sent to me by our awesome writer’s PA Raamla. She sent it because I was storming around the office ranting about having to write a blog and not having any ideas of what to write and then one of the assistants, Safia, suggested I could do 25 random things about Grey’s Anatomy and the GA writers, which thrilled me – cause I can do that in my sleep!  Like: 

1. During the making of this episode, we tortured the assistants by running a “quiz show” in the writer’s room to see which one knows the show best. 

2. That paramedic you saw in 601 is played by Ray Ford – whom you haven’t seen on our show since he was hanging upside down in an ambulance!

3. In the writer’s room at Grey’s Anatomy, we are obsessed with Friday Night Lights, Project Runway and ordering Pinkberry in the afternoon…

You get the idea. So that was my plan for this blog.  Then, as I mentioned, I got this very thoughtful email from Raamla…


Monday, September 21, 2009 6:06:21 PM



Hey Krista 

While I really like Safia's idea about the 25 things, I think that there are so many beautiful moments in your episodes that the fans would want to get some insight into.  As someone who used to read the writers' blog every Friday morning during seasons 2 & 3, I found it interesting to hear the writer's perspective on his or her episode.  And also, I loved to hear that you guys cared as much for the characters as I did!

As far as ideas, I think it would be great to talk about:

1) Meredith's using sex to deal with her grief - like she did when she found out McDreamy was married. 

2) Cristina avoiding her pain altogether - like when Meredith almost died and she was at the bar.

3) Callie's being the first person to break down, yet accepting that Izzie was the closest person to George.

4) The laughing funeral scene.

5) Christina and Owen finally dealing with the choking incident from last season.

6) Derek and The Chief and the Merger - that last look of betrayal that Derek feels by the Chief.

7) George's death - maybe going off what Owen said about him and how brave he was and how George pushing someone out of the way of a moving bus, was SO George.  He was always acting on his impulses (confessing his love to Meredith, speaking up about the drunk doctor, getting married to Callie, joining the army, etc.).

Anyway, these are just some thoughts I had.  Maybe this will inspire much better ideas as you think,  "These are ridiculous!!"  Either way, hope this helps!  :)


Hmmmm. I kind of love Raamla for this, cause it’s all thoughtful and smart and sweet and not at all ridiculous and then I kinda think she sucks cause it’s SO thoughtful that now I can’t really justify my 25 things plan.  Except, I can’t stop myself…

4. Our assistants have really good names…Raamla, Safia, Seve, Miguel, Jess, Nancy, Star and Austin. Sounds kinda like the cast of some really great soap opera, right? 

5. I have 64 extra copies of my new book “The Game On! Diet” sitting in a corner of my office. That’s a lot of extra copies.  They’re taking up a lot of room. 

6. Shonda just ordered really great new furniture for our bungalow. And today, we all gave Tony Phelan crap for sitting on it while still sweaty from working out. 

7. Most of us don’t read the newspaper anymore because Allan Heinberg reads everything for us and then just tells us everything we need to know. 

8. Stacy McKee is making a baby! We call it Blueberry. Blueberry McKee. I’m hoping that’s what she actually names it. 

Okay, I’ll stop now.  Cause really, I could finish this list happily but again….Raamla’s email is pounding in my brain like the freakin’ tell tale heart! Except instead of a heart beat, it’s going, “Lazy-ass. Lazy-ass…”

So I think the reason I don’t want to spend any time writing about these episodes is not just that I’m lazy but that it makes me sad.  Watching them made me sad, writing them made me sad and now writing about them will make me sad because, as Cristina finally acknowledges 40 days after the event, “George O’Malley died.”

It’s heartbreaking. I fell in love with George, like many of you did, Season One. The first episode of Grey’s Anatomy that I got to write was the one where George is kind to Annie, the lady with the 60 lb tumor.  In an attempt to comfort her about her procrastination in seeing a doctor, George talks to her about his love for Meredith and how he has yet to confess it. And Annie says something like, “Seriously? You’re equating your love life with my record-breaking tumor?? Seriously??” I loved George because he was doing that; because his love for Meredith was as big as that tumor; because, like Izzie, George led with his heart.   Like Raamla said, he was impulsive, big-hearted, and yeah, it’s that heart that had him jump in front of a moving bus to save a life.  It’s a devastating end to a beloved character, but I would argue with anyone who said it wasn’t a fitting end. He was brave and noble, like Owen said. He was a sweet, beautiful boy, just becoming a man.  Sucks. Sad. Crappy. So crappy.  Ugh, I’ve had enough of sad, seriously.

9. We call Mark Wilding “The Hammer.”  As in, “Hey, Hammer, what do you want for lunch?”  I feel his credit should read Executive Producer: Mark The Hammer Wilding. 

10. One of our writers, Bill Harper, once did a puppet show for the writer’s room with home made Balinese shadow puppets. 

11. One of our other writers, Debora Cahn, works from New York. 

12. Kevin McKidd plays a mean guitar. 



What else…? 

I think I’ll just work my way up the rest of Raamla’s list, which brings us to…

Derek and The Chief and the Merger - that last look of betrayal that Derek feels by the Chief.

Yeah – this is a thing that won’t be going away any time soon. Derek was pretty freakin’ noble. So noble! Cause you KNOW how much he wants that job. It was the promise of the Chiefdom that brought him to Seattle from NYC to begin with. Okay, that and his love for ferry boats. Oh, and the Mark/Addison messiness but y’know, mostly, it was the promise of becoming Chief.  And right here, the job was his for the taking. And out of loyalty and friendship, he went to the Chief and warned him.  So what is up with the Chief that in response, he completely shut Derek out? Pride. He’s all proud and hurt and threatened. Really, really threatened. And people are flawed. Even the Chief, whom I adore, is deeply flawed.  And the phrase, “No good deed goes unpunished,” was coined for a reason. I don’t subscribe to it. I do good deeds anyway. But I have had the experience of occasionally having them bite me in the ass.   So I relate to Derek on this but I also have great compassion for the Chief, because he has sacrificed a lot for this job. He has done his very best. And this – even though it’s actually loyalty on Derek’s part, I get that somehow it feels like a betrayal. Certainly it’s humiliating. And feeling angry with someone is often easier than feeling indebted.  Either way, like I said, don’t expect the emotional fall-out from this to go away any time soon.   

Christina and Owen finally dealing with the choking incident from last season.

How brilliant are the actors in that scene???? Seriously – how freakin’ good are all three of them? If I could hand some kind of award to Kevin McKidd and Sandra Oh and Amy Madigan today, I would.  Y’know what? I just might. When I was nominated for an Emmy and didn’t win, my best friends made me an Emmy out of tinfoil. I might do something like that – that’s how good they all are. And here’s what you don’t know… I handed them that scene 20 MINUTES BEFORE CAMERAS ROLLED. Swear to God.  The scene was something totally different. It was actually a funny scene right up until the last minute.  I had been desperate to find humor anywhere I could in these two hours and because Sandra is a pretty reliable source for comedy, I had leaned on the funny. And I got a call from the set after they rehearsed the scene. Sandra and Kevin had smart questions – and what became crystal clear to me instantly is that this storyline could not be resolved in a humorous way. It had earned weight. Indeed, it required weight.  I knew what the scene had to be and I frantically wrote it and ran it over to the set and Kevin smiles and goes, “Great. I better go memorize this.” Sandra thanked me, Amy thanked me. Huge 11th hour rewrite and no one flinched. And then I saw the dailies… When I say I handed them a completely rewritten scene 20 minutes before cameras rolled I am not exaggerating. 20 minutes.  So I was stunned by the dailies. The work is so beautiful, I would’ve been stunned by what they delivered regardless of when they got the scene --  but in this case, I was double extra stunned. Tin foil emmys all around, I say.  Or, y’know, real Emmys. Just sayin’. 

As for the storyline, I feel like this is just the beginning for Owen and Cristina. It’s a really interesting beginning because it’s sort of like, okay, we’re dealing with the PTSD, with all the damage. And the damage has, strangely, been a lot of the driving force in the coming together of these two very different people.  So now…if the damage is being treated…if the damage is not the focus…what is? Who will they be together? I, for one, am really excited to find out. 

The laughing funeral scene.

I have to admit that this is one of my very favorite scenes ever.  That’s a dangerous thing to say because I wrote it and it may sound braggy so I need to point out that television is a collaborative art. I may have written the words on the page, but in the writer’s room, the writers all pitched on it and our assistant Austin took a lot of good notes to help me remember things (cause being the mother of a two and half year old, my brain is like swiss cheese,) and after the table read, Shonda gave me smart notes that enhanced the writing and then the wonderful director Ed Ornelas and the amazing DP Herb Davis and the whole crew that support them made it visually beautiful and then the actors… damn, did they all bring their A game to this scene.  And then there are the editors and music folks and the people who color correct everything and mix the sound… It’s a collaboration. What it takes to make good TV is a huge coming together of a great many artists. What it takes to make great TV is all that plus a little magic and a little luck. And that’s what I feel like we had with this scene.  It’s so funny and so bittersweet and so, so sad. Because despite the fact that they are laughing at a wholly inappropriate time (remember in Season 2 when Mer had her hand on a bomb and Izzie was laughing and she admitted that she laughs at funerals?) they all seem so grown up. They came together fresh-faced kids and now one of them has cancer and one of them is dead and damn, life is freakin’ like that, y’know? Growing up is crazy hard. Friends get sick and friends die and marriages begin and end. It’s so complicated and so beautiful and so painful and the best any of us can hope for, I think, is to have friends who will stick by us and laugh with us and cry with us and just be with us through it all.  

As a side note – who noticed the creative staging designed to disguise the fact that Ellen was very, very pregnant when we shot this scene? She’s standing with her back to us in the beginning, and then when we face her, we only see her beautiful, glowing face. Veeeery clever, Ed. 

Callie's being the first person to break down, yet accepting that Izzie was the closest person to George.

Sara was so beautiful in every frame of these episodes. She always drops my jaw – but when she’s wailing to Mark, “…and Arizona keeps bringing me doooooooonuts,” I just loved her even more. And as for Callie, here’s the big question: If faced with having to decide what to do with your brain-dead ex-husband’s organs, would you rise above and turn to his ex-mistress for help? …Yeah, there’s nothing like an unexpected death by bus to help bygones be bygones.  I think she does the right thing there. And part of why I think she’s able to do the right thing is that she’s healthy enough to feel all of her feelings. She IS the first one to break down and let her tears come and she lets her tears come more than once in the weeks following George’s death. Even though she looks like the biggest mess, she’s actually the healthiest among them – and maybe that’s because she wasn’t close to George anymore when he died, she had a little distance – so she could feel her grief without feeling like it might kill her.  Unlike his closest friends…

Meredith's using sex to deal with her grief - like she did when she found out McDreamy was married. 

Mer using sex to avoid her feelings is not, as Raamla points out, unchartered territory.   What I love, though, is that Mer is now healthy enough to actually TALK about the fact that that’s what she’s doing.  I LOVE the “cancer-pop” scene – where Mer points out that Cristina’s not processing her grief AT ALL and is therefore on uber-Cristina mode – wholly abrasive and insensitive and inappropriate. But Mer knows that she herself is using sex and work to avoid her grief and that that’s working for her. Until that janitor cleans out George’s locker and it stops working for her.  When Meredith finally cries for George…I cried again for George. And I’m about to cry now just thinking about it, so…y’know, moving on…

Cristina avoiding her pain all together - like when Meredith almost died and she was at the bar.

Cristina, who as a young child, held her father’s heart in her hands as it stopped beating, is perhaps the least “processed” of our core group, the least “healthy,” the least able to handle the impact of George’s sudden death. Mer is using sex, Cristina is using her frustration around her lack of sex. So when she finally gets in bed with Owen and she finally has the tension release that comes with that kind of, um… tension release… She can’t hold the truth off anymore.  

That’s the thing about the five stages of grief. They truly are different for everyone. Cristina clung to the Denial stage for 40 days. And then she let in the fact that George died. And as much as Mer’s tears got to me, that intake of breath from Cristina got to me even more. The sudden realization that George really did…die. 

I still do that sometimes. Sometimes I’ll be driving in my car and I’ll see a poster for a movie that’s about to come out and I’ll think, “Oh, I should totally see that with Dad.” And then I remember, in a split second, that he’s gone. That he died 8 and a half years ago now.  Grief is funny thing. It comes and goes. Except, in my experience, it never really goes…

There’s more to say about these 2 hours for sure. Mark and Lexie are pure joy for me in these two hours and I don’t mean to skip over them because Mark saying “Was he hung?” is maybe my favorite thing ever.  And there’s Arizona and how much she cares and her awesome diagnosis and the exquisite Martha Plimpton who fights so hard, the way we all should, for her son. And there’s the beautiful, beautiful Bailey and her pain around the loss of George and the fact that Derek stops the elevator for her just like she stopped it for him so long ago after he had to let Bonnie (and Meredith) go.  (Did you notice Shonda used the same song there as she did in the elevator scene in Into You like a Train? First time in our series we’ve reused a song.) Also Clara and Lexie and the beauty of that journey – of moving through the five stages of grief around the life you once had, (which is, by the way, exactly what Clara’s doing in case you want to watch again and clock the stages ) and the moment where she lets Lexie call her Mom which brings me to tears every time.  And there’s Alex Karev and Izzie and what I consider to be one of the most brutal moments of all time when he goes, “I miss George.  Nice, real seductive.” God, does that hurt to watch. And then there’s Justin’s amazing performance when he finally admits everything he’s scared of.  And there’s Katherine Heigl’s exquisite vulnerability as she tries to imagine a) living and b) living without George. There’s so much – and I know I’m missing stuff.   But I have to go home now and see my daughter, who is a million times more awesome than anything you’ll ever see on TV, so I’ll say bye for now.  Except, I really can’t help myself…

13. Writer Jenna Bans’ husband writes for The Office.  There is a weekly Thursday night war in their home. 

14. Shonda’s birthday and Patrick Dempsey’s birthday are the same day which also happens to be the same day as my sister, Kaili. 

15.  Chandra Wilson and Allan Heinberg both worked as word processors at Banker’s Trust in New York at the same time!

16.  Writers Tony Phelan, and Joan Rater are married to each other.  And a long time ago, they were roommates with Allan Heinberg in New York City. Also, Tony was a theater director in New York when I was a struggling actress there. We are pretty sure I auditioned for him and he didn’t call me back. 

17. Writer Pete Nowalk co-wrote a funny book called The Hollywood Assistants Handbook and if you want to know how to be an assistant, you should read it.

18.  Executive Producer Betsy Beers is getting married in Venice, Italy next month and  Austin Scarlett of Project Runway fame designed her gown.

19.  Best-Boy Grip Tim Day is also a professional screenwriter.

20.  There is a Grey’s Anatomy softball team that plays the teams of other shows including CSI.  We’re currently in first place.

21.  Script Supervisor Nicole Rubio often plays a paramedic on our show and was once a Raiderette.

22. When someone has a great idea in the writers’ room, someone else will shout BANG.

23.  Shonda drives around the lot in a hot pink golf cart that says SHONDA across the front. It is her pride and joy.  

24. Writer/Doctor Zoanne Clack, Writer Stacy McKee, Director of Research Meg Marinis and Chandra Wilson are all from Houston, Texas. They say “Y’all” a lot.

25. We have used 7 guest actors who regularly appear on Friday Night Lights. 

Okay, I’m going now.  Thank you for watching.  Really, thanks, it means a lot.  



p.s. Thanks again, Safia and Raamla!  You both rock. *(and it was Raamla who won that contest I mentioned in fact #1) 




Well, I hardly know where to begin. That was a really long, rambling blog and I'm not sure how I feel about it. A lot of self-congratulating, that's for sure. I am surprised that I am still here after all these seasons, still watching this show, in spite of all the disappointments.

It was hard to see everyone dealing with George's death. No more fab five and I don't know how I will deal with that, because this show will never be the same. Even though George was pretty much marginalized last season, I still felt his presence and it was reassuring. He had so much good in him, even with all his faults and missteps. He had a good heart. He wanted to do the right thing, to be a man, to be a decent person. I found myself tearing up in grief over realizing that he really is gone.

This was a tough one to watch, because it brought back the pain of my father's death last year. It's been over a year and a half, but there are times when I still have this urge to pick up the phone and ask him for advice. Even though I am middle-aged now, I was always daddy's little girl. Then I have to remember that he is gone and the sadness starts all over again. As all the characters were going through their stages of grief, I was reliving it all over again. It's true that just when you think you have come to terms with the loss of a loved one, all of a sudden you face the fact that you miss them more than ever and will never truly get over their passing. You have good days and bad days, but there is a piece of you that has died.

My father lived a full and rewarding life. He lived to be an old man. But I didn't get to see him before he died, as he was calling for me. That will haunt me for the rest of my life. So watching last night was incredibly painful. I could identify with everyone's stages of grief.

I don't know how much longer I will stay with the show. I have never felt the same since the dead Denny stuff. I said at the time that I would never forgive you writers for that and I haven't. I will have to see if I am prepared to go through another full season. There are promising story lines, such as Owen and Cristina who truly are sheer perfection when they are together on screen. There is the uncertainty about everyone's jobs, something that will resonate with a lot of us in this current economic crisis. There is always Mer and Der for me. I love them and always will.

One story line that I will never like is Mark and Lexie. I see that you writers are determined to keep them together, so that's that. But do not think for a minute that I will ever think they work as a couple.

I don't know what else I can say. I am drained from the emotion of George's passing. I wonder if the show will ever be the same for me again.

Lulù Italy

For me Grey's is Justin Chambers. Amazing!!!!!!


I like to think of myself as the biggest Grey's fan. I have loved every show from the very begining.Last night was very hard for me. I hated it. George was such a great character that so many people loved. To see them laughing hard like that at the funeral was very hard to watch. And Izzie somehow lives and Alex treats her like crap! The episode was all over the place and boring. I found myself looking at the clock waiting for it to end. It looks like the cast will be changing. I hope you people are not killing my show. I hope this will get better. I never thought I would feel this way about Grey's. It's very sad.


WOW! I'm sooooooooo glad Grey's is back! It was beautifula and sad. Soild episode!


you seriously thought that the laughing funeral scene was great? we were all talking about how odd that scene was at work. none of us found it amusing at all. and we've all been following greys from day 1.


#1. It was cruel to let us think George might still be alive (when Lexie said "He's too tall to be George"). How can a person be suddenly taller and then be the same person?

#2. The laughing scene at the funeral felt contrived. This is probably because George's death felt contrived. George's storyline was an absolute train wreck (or bus wreck?). It is so disappointing that one of the main characters, and one of the original four, left the series in this fashion. It all started when George cheated on Callie (which George would never do) and it only went downhill from there.

#3. Are we really supposed to be OK with Sloan's complete insensitivity? He made fun of George's appearance and asked if he was "hung" right after George died. I don't care how ridiculously insensitive Sloan is. This was the straw that broke the camel's back.

#4. Does Seattle Grace have a curse on it? Burke gets shot. Izzie's boyfriend dies. George's dad dies. Izzie's daughter has cancer. Meredith dies and comes back. Meredith's mom dies (at the same time). Meredith's step-mom dies. Cristina gets impaled with an icicle. Izzie gets cancer. Addison's brother nearly adies. Izzie dies and comes back. George dies (at the same time). The Chief gets into a car accident. Most of these are beautiful people in their late 20s/early 30s. It's becoming too unrealistic. It's almost a soap opera. All we need is an evil twin or someone coming back from the dead (okay, I mean "really" dead--not just clinically and recovers right after).

#5. Things I liked:
- The writers remembered all the previous ways that characters dealt with grief.
- Izzie's speech to the woman George saved.

#6. Things I would like to see more of:
- We loved Bailey when she was "the nazi." Lately she has been a bundle of emotions. Bring back Bailey!
- Dark twisty Mer.
- Single Cristina.


The laughing scene was forced and lame, not to mention incredibly insensitive. Killing off George was a mistake. You guys really didn't even have to do it because all it got you was a decent season finale and a two episode mourning period that wasn't even that sad. Seriously, if you really cared about George you would have given him a story line last year. But you didn't. You killed him and now I really don't give a rats ass about this show anymore. Thanks.


"Writer/Doctor Zoanne Clack, Writer Stacy McKee, Director of Research Meg Marinis and Chandra Wilson are all from Houston, Texas. They say “Y’all” a lot." LOL I am from Houston and we do say Y'all alot!!!

Thank you for a brilliant SP! Loved it all!

The therapy scene with Cristina/Owen/Wyatt was brilliant! These actors are amazing! Then the scene that follows for C/O was brilliant too! You can see how much these too characters love each other and want to move forward!! The tender touches, kisses and looks as they take the step to a "real" couple! I am so excited to see them tackle life's challenges together! Just love them! One of my favorite scenes, was at the very beginning of the 2nd hour, were they are just laying in the oncall room just looking at each other! Volumes were spoken in that brief moment with out a word uttered or a muscle moved! Just breathtakingly honest emotions being communicated!! Awwwwww! I haven't awwwwwwed so much since Owen fell asleep in Cristina's lap!!! You writers have created some thing very special between these two characters... they are badass people in the professional world, but allow each other to see there soft side (which for Cristina is such a huge growth)!!! Please keep up the magic!!!


George to me has been a man since the instant he took full responsibility for the night with Meredith when they were both to blame. Or maybe when he stood up to the chief against his treatment of the nurses.

He's been a sweet, beautiful, brave man for a long time for me. The sanest of the gang, the most loving, the bravest, and an amazing doctor.

Yes, he was beautiful inside and out. A real wonderful man, not a dorky little dude.

I will always love him and his relationship (and couple) with Izzie will always be my favorite. They were what true love i all about.

This was my last episode by the way.

George was Grey for me.


SOOOO with you on Cristina/Owen (and Sandra and Kevin). They blow me away EVERY week...and I can't believe they got that scene 20 minutes before because they killed it.


Im not ganna say much except..... Krista i luved the episodes they where emotional without being over the top. Your blog about them, well it goes on about a lot to other things but ultimately is freakin amazing. (oh yah congrats to Ellen, im sure luna is extraordinary)


Krista, let me start off by saying I absolutely loved your blog. And I hope the other writers take a page from your book (Safia and Raamla's as well) when they write their upcoming writers' blogs. Audience members absolutely do love knowing about the behind-the-scenes action, facts, and tidbits. Loved the list of random GA facts and the insight into the episode. I think I fell in love with the show even more. Thank you.


Loved the episode, felt it was true to all of the characters. Yes, the past couple of seasons haven't been as funny as the earlier seasons, but that is what happens to a series as it ages...and I love it. Many people would have stopped watching years ago if there weren't changes and new directions...though the Izzie/tumor/sex-with-Denny thing wasn't the best. Can't wait to see what the season holds!!! Thanks for such an insightful blog.


Awesome! I love it!


absolutely amazing episodes. amazing blog. thank you :)

Famous Artist

Oh. The blog was as good as the two episodes. It was the first time in a long time I just did not want it to be over. It was so "good" to watch it all. The whole two hours. I love Martha Plimpton and wish she could be on forever. I love Austin Scarlett so much I named my boy cat after him. I love little Grey letting Callie have it about the shower. And I loved how Arizona honored Martha P by getting that diagnosis which wound up being an easy fix. Oh. there was so much to love, as a viewer from day one, about that episode. Thanks for the episodes and the blog, which was just a blast.


Loved the show. Cried my eyes out, my stomach hurt too much to eat the ice cream we were going to because of the tension. I NEVER turn down ice cream. 4 of us went through half a box of tissues. I will always love George. But this season is going to be great! Thank you.


That was a fantastic season premiere.
Everyone did such a lovely job,as per usual, and the writing was exquisite.

I DID catch that "Today Has Been Okay" was used again, but I had forgotten which episode it was originally in.I see the connection now.

Looking forward to the rest of the season!


Sorry but the 25 things really made the blog difficult to read. I have not seen the episode yet. My mom passed away on Monday and I dont think I can watch a death scene but i hoped to find out what was happening on the show anyways. From now on, can you just write normal blogs, especially for an episode that sounds like it had a lot of depth to it.

Grey's Fan

What was the significance of 40 days? Why span that timeframe?


Just a few comments. Pretty good episode overall. You are still one of my favorite writers.

I don't really miss George. Sorry, but with him basically being absent all last season and knowing about the backstage drama made it hard for me to care. I fast forwarded through most of the first hour.

I miss Meredith already. I know you don't want to hear that cuz there is nothing you can do, but I want to be 100 PERCENT CLEAR THAT LEXIE IS NO SUBSTITUE FOR MEREDITH. Okay!

I always love Mer/Der and there is never enough of them for me. But, here is one message I want to convey to you writers. It isn't about the sex guys. Sure, I love mer/der porniness, but what I am DYING TO SEE IS AN ACTUAL CONVERSATION. Why can't mer/der be in therapy together? I feel like you always stop short of showing them having a real honest couple coversation. I feel you NEVER EVER SHOW US THAT. And, it pisses me off. Okay rant over.

I loved Mark and Callie. I don't get your love for Mark/Lexie. I really don't. I like them as friends, but there is no way that I will see them as lovers.

Arizona and Callie are BORING, BORING, BORING.

Loved Christina and her snark and inappropriateness. I know I am alone in this, but I don't really love C/O, but luv Cris.

I think the Derek/Chief stuff looks super interesting.

I'm still with you guys. For now.


I love this show. Seriously


My wishlist:

1. More mer/der having actual conversations, fights, tension, make-up sex, making a baby sex, etc.

2. Less LEXIE and a whole lot less Lexie/Mark. How bout they are just friends and Mark get together with his real soulmate Callie.

3. More Mer/Cris/Izzie conversations. Those are made to win. Just no Lex please.

4. More Amy Madigan.

5. Fewer new characters. I'm still dying to get to know our regulars.



Yes I noticed the song, thenk you for a great episode :) love from Sweden


Amazing post Krista! Just a little comment, as a huge fan of the show's music.... I believe the first song that was used twice in the show was Correatown's "All the World".. just that little thing :P

AMAZING JOB you're doing guys! rock on!

Fernando, from Argentina

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