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The End of the Beginning... Part II...

The end of Season Five?  Pitched.  I’m not teasing you by saying that.  Not teasing by saying Season Five will be the most exciting, fly by the seat of your pants/skirts, “Oh My God Did That Just Happen???!” Season of Grey’s Anatomy EVER.

But we’re not there yet.  We’re here.  At the end of Season Four.  Which, is technically over but personally, I’m still reeling from it as most of you may be.  So where was I?

Oh yeah.  The kissing.   The healing.  The extraordinary of it all.  And, the blood.  Lots of blood from Ava/Rebecca.  She tried didn’t she?  To be the woman for Alex.  She tried to be the person in his life that he could trust and lean on.  She wanted to, in a sense take care of him because we all know that Alex has never really been taken care of by anyone before.  He’s the kid we all feel sorry for.  The kid who had to fend for himself his entire life and fight for everything he’s ever gotten.  Ava wanted to be that one person for him.  The one person who, at the end of the day, could lay his head on her shoulder and let the weight of the world go.  And she tried you guys.  Tried so hard but just couldn’t fight what was taking over.  So Alex had to say goodbye.  And we all know Alex. Nothing gets to him, but this did.  And it broke my heart to see him crying on his bed.  I felt let in to Alex for the first time.  I feel as if I’m starting to know him.  And I realize that Alex DOES want more.  He just doesn’t know how to attain it.  He had some hope that this time, it would all work out.  This time, he would save her and all would be well in the end.  Because this time, he’s an adult, a man who saves lives, literally so of course he can save this one life that means so much to him. Right?  My heart breaks for him because he couldn’t.  And poor Izzie. Izzie, who puts friendship first and everything else second. The last thing she wanted to do to Alex, was hurt him.  But, it would have hurt him worse in the end had Izzie not stepped in.  Izzie is becoming an adult because the Izzie we knew a year ago would have helped Alex care for Ava until the end of time.  But the Izzie we know now protects her friends at all costs, even when it hurts them.  Even when they hate her for doing it.  And even though Izzie is growing up, at the end of the day, she held Alex in her arms and that is the Izzie we all know.  That is one part of Izzie that I know will never change.  No matter what, she will always hold her friends in her arms at the end of the day. 

And Bailey.  Bailey, who noticed Izzie’s growth because she gave Izzie her keys to the clinic.  Bailey.  Who, if she wanted to win her family back, HAD to give up something.  And Bailey is one person who loves her life.  Every inch of it.  But she had to let go of one thing to maintain it all.  And that’s what Bailey does.  She held all of these balls in the air and they all kind of needed each other to stay afloat.. But then came the risk of losing her marriage.  Her husband.  The love of her life.  And in order to save something so dear to her, she had to let all the balls drop for a second.  And in a mere second of chaos and crazy, she saved her marriage.  She’s not the only one either.  The Chief.  Yes.  He was ready to go home. Well, he’s BEEN ready to go home because really how long can a man who has had a wife for over twenty years – a woman who cooked and handled all the business and kept everything perfect in the household – live in a trailer and eat canned food every night?  He just needed to get out there and realize that there is no him without Adele.  I mean, how many women do you know would have taken him back after Ellis?  Not only did she take him back and carry on with grace but also she continued to love him.  That is what makes Adele part of a special breed of women that no longer exists.  She comes from a time when marriages lasted a lifetime.  I know because she is of my parents’ time and they are still happily, lovingly together.  That’s why I love Richard and Adele so much.  They remind me of what I grew up with.  That love, with all its flaws is what matters more than anything.  That’s why Richard went back and that’s why Adele, knowing that Richard hurt her and knowing that it’s possible he may not change – he may continue to work hours upon hours a week at the hospital – but, it’s more about the love than anything. And Adele may only experience it for a couple of hours a day when Richard drags himself through the door after eighteen hours, but she gets to experience it.  That’s the key.  Because things could have been different.  What if Richard had found out about Ellis’ suicide attempt?  Would that have been what he needed to go back to her?  What if?  What if Richard had known?   Oh, how different it would have all been.  For Richard.  For Adele.  For Ellis.  For Meredith. 

But things play out the way they should.  Life plays out exactly the way it should.  Which brings me to Rose.  She’s the girl that Derek would have fallen for had he never laid eyes on Meredith.  Right?  She’s THAT girl.  That perfectly cute, little heart shaped face, innocent brown eyes, would smother you with kisses and cuddles kind of girl.  Yeah well, the reality of it is, life didn’t play out that way for Rose.  She didn’t meet Derek before Meredith and I have to tell you, her instincts about being intimidated by Meredith were dead on.  I feel for her though because when a man meets the love of his life, there is nothing else out there for him, no matter how great the girl.  I don’t want to be Rose right now.  Because seriously, we’ve all been Rose once or twice and it’s not fun.  And seeing it happen to someone else is like the fingernails scraping against the chalkboard. 

Okay, who has her mojo back???!  Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  I was wondering when Cristina would get out of that funk.  What happened with Burke winning the Harper Avery was what Cristina needed to move on.  Cristina needed that time of sadness and solace to come back better than ever. It’s good to have her back.  And how much did we love Cristina for standing up to Hahn?  Okay, yes Hahn is a brilliant surgeon and is great with her patients but her teaching skills?  Well, let’s just say she can use a little more loving care with her students, particularly Cristina.  Because Cristina was taught by Burke, and Burke is brilliant. Couple that with the fact that Cristina is brilliant in her own right and you have someone is who is going to be a dynamic surgeon one day.  A surgeon who will save countless lives.  A surgeon who will find cures for things.  She’s THAT surgeon.  And you nurture this person.  You don’t hold her back. You don’t humiliate her and give her mundane tasks.  So I was kind of glad that the Chief backed Cristina. Of course I felt sorry for Hahn because Hahn grew up in a surgical world that included even fewer women than there is now (so Hahn is accustomed to a “dog eat dog” kind of surgical world).  But all that matters now is Cristina has her mojo back! And the Chief made more of a difference than he thought he ever could because Cristina is giving back to the community by teaching Lexie.

And the last discussion of the day brings me back to the beginning: Kissing.  Ahhh the kissing.  Lexie getting kissed by George.  George, who is so excited about taking his exam over that he didn’t know how much that one little kiss would affect Lexie.  I love them as friends. They make good friends.  We all have that friend we met in school or the gym or somewhere – we just hit it off right away.  And right away there was no pretense or airs.  Just pure honesty.  That’s Lexie and George.  They’re really good friends and I can see the friendship evolving into something even greater.  At least, that’s what Lexie is hoping.  She is my kind of girl. The girl who likes the guy because he is a GOOD guy and that’s what George is.  He is a good guy and that’s something that Lexie could use now.  She’s going through her own challenges what with Meredith and losing her own mother and trying to keep things afloat. I’m rooting for Lexie.  She’s my kind of girl and I hope that she gets what she deserves: love.  And more kisses.  There should always be that.

Well everyone, I think I’ve said it all. I will see you in Season Five.  Have a great summer and do lots of kissing.  Kissing makes it all better in the end. 




Thank you sao much for saying Alex and Izzie are friends, because I love them as friends but I loathe them as a couple. If you had gone raving about them, I probably would have quit the show


Seriously, wonderful. So wonderful that reliving the finale with my friends will hold me over until the fall when Grey's comes back. Thank you for a great, wonderful show!


You know what would make everything better for me? Another Gizzie kiss, as hot and tender and sweet as the elevator one. So if you have any love for us poor Gizzie fans, you would give us one or promise us one, it would make our summer so much better.


This has to be one of the best blogs I've ever read from you Shonda!! Thanks for the most amazing ending for a season on Grey's! I haven't been able to get it out of my head, and this blog helps to make sense about the other events that took place in the last 5 mins!
Fan in Australia from day 1 and forever on!
Totally looking forward to Season 5!!!


Thank God for small favours. I hate Alex and Izzie as a couple, not just because I am an obsessed Gizzie fan (because I do like Dizzie and Gexie although not as much as Gizzie), but because they have no romantic chemistry. They work better as friends, so I am glad you are seeing them that way. I want Alex with Ava.


I would have screamed if you told us how amazing Alex and Izzie was, I hate them. I can deal with them as friends, but George is her best friend, don't forget that. he is also ehr true love.


Thank you Shonda for giving us some news and also thank you for a great season. I can't wait for season 5!!!

Grey's Graduate

Thanks for blogging again Shonda. I love the George/Lexie friendship. Maybe you'll convince me they could seriously be more, but George had so much girl drama the whole "I slept with your sister when I knew she didn't want me and now I want you" might be a bit much to swallow early in season 5.


all I can say is, I can't wait for season 5!!! oh and I can't wait for Private Practice to be back too. PETE and ADDY!! ;)


Shonda, you are such a tease! Season 5 cannot come soon enough!!

It is so great to have a show such as this one where the characters actually grow and learn...there are way too many shows out there that have characters that just don't seem to change even though horrible (or wonderful) things happen to them. I think that is why Gray's is one of my mostest favoritest shows ever. Thank you and all of the rest of the wonderful writers. (p.s. one of my childhood dreams was to write a show like yours...is is good to at least live vicariously through your blogs and imagine that I still have the chops to do so.)


Shonda....it was a great ending. And I love the work you did with Alex in these last episodes. I hope we get more over the next season.
And how much do I love Sloane? So much that I am hoping he gets everything he wants. Even though he's a man whore.

And I love Lexie and George. I love that Cristina told Hahn to shut up. And I love that the Chief wanted Merideth to know he was not a bad man.
Can't wait till the fall!


Kisses do make it all better at the end. Thanks for a great season...cant wait till Fall.


Great blog, I loved it.

I didn't like the fact that Alex and Izzie kiss as I hate Alex and find him an abusive jerk but I was glad it was not a romantic kiss.

I am still reeeling over George and Izzie's death as a couple, and still hoping you give them a real chance without the affair this time.

I do like Lexie though, she is a sweet and love her friendship with George, but I want him with Izzie.


I said it before, and did not get posted so I will say it again, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a George, Izzie and Lexie triangle. George has amazing chemistry with both women. Alex would be the one out, he could be with Rose, as I hate him with both Lexie and Izzie.


You won't make my George fail again, would you?

I love him and want him to be happy (preferably with Izzie, but I just want him happy).

Jane K.

I love how you had Izzie pick up all the pieces for Alex like a friend (of course she's not just a friend). It shows how everything becomes full circle for them and I absolutely love that.

I want to see the journey you take Alex on next year, because we need to know what happened. We need to know! He's just the most interesting character that you guys have on the show.

It would be a plus if that pitch of season 5 included him and Izzie together, just saying.


What??? NOTHING about the Callie/Erica kiss?


Wonderful finale, wonderful kisses! May there be many more of both! :D


I will be dreaming of Gizzie kisses all summer and hoping we get one again soon or before the show ends.

Thanks for the blog and thanks for not going on and on about that horrible A and I kiss.


Yay! Finally some answers and closure... until next year. Thank you Shonda! I've been waiting for this!!


Actually, just Rose in general is like fingernails scrapping across the blackboard.

When have you portrayed Derek Shepherd as a guy who wants someone who would smother him with kisses and cuddles? Sorry, but considering that Derek fell in love with someone incredible like Addison and then the amazing Meredith Grey....Rose would have been no where in his radar.....ever! (no matter how loudly she guffawed during his surgery!)

One word



Are there really not any comments yet?! Wow. I just basically wanted to say that I LOVED what you did for the season finale. Love. Pure love. Pure and simple.


Girl, Alex was *IT*. Seriously, seeing Alex cry made the show. That sounded bad, didn't it? It was just so heart wrenching. I didn't realize how attached I was to him, and his growth as a person, until I saw those tears fall.

You're making me nervous with the Lexie/George talk. Please don't have George mess himself up with another good friend. He already had a debilitating crush on one Grey girl, and then the whole Gizzie escapade...


Thanks, Shonda. Looking forward to Season 5!!!

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