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The Blog Between The Blogs:

I know, I know.  I said that I would say more.  Blog more. Tell you more stuff about the finale.  But a couple of things are going on.  Things I have to do before I can sit down and write properly.

One:  Private Practice begins shooting this week and I’ve got to make sure Addison is all taken care of.

Two:  The NATIONAL SPELLING BEE is this week!  NATIONAL!  SPELLING!  BEE!  Channel your inner speller or your non-inner speller and check it out on ESPN on Friday.  Why is this keeping me from talking to you about Izzie and Alex?  Because every year, I head over to my favorite website: http://throwingthings.blogspot.com/.  I head over there and I blog about the Bee.

Minute by minute. 

Now, if you don’t know what is super fun and crazy awesome about watching kids spell words, you have never seen the Scripps National Spelling Bee.  It rocks.  It rocks hard.

I’m not kidding.

I’m seriously not kidding.

The Bee rocks and I’m not saying that because it is on ESPN and ABC.  I’ve been a fan of the Bee for many years and this year, I’ll be at http://throwingthings.blogspot.com/ doing my best to write interesting commentary on the Bee along with the super smart and funny other bloggers over there.  Join us.

Come on…you know you want to…

And I’ll be back on Saturday to talk about the kissing.  When the Spelling Bee is over…



first of all i just want to thank u for being the best writer in the whole world. u have the most amazing imagination, its mind blowing the things u come up with.
the final scene was so BEAUTIFULLY written. what i loved about it was not only is my favorite couple getting together, but the fact that meredith was still yelling at him, and then he shuts her up with a kiss, and then she is speechless!! absolutly BRILLANT!! thanks soooo much!!1


Aaaah, such a tease, you are! I suppose it's just another cliffhanger to leave us wanting, I hope not til fall. :P

The major kiss for me was Alex and Izzie, as I've been waiting for the two of them to get back together for about ... three seasons now. So can't wait for you to talk about this! *makes a note to check back on saturday*


That last episode was absolutely fantastic.

Maybe TV, like Sloan, in this country is going to grow up.


the song! please tell me the name of the final song! PLEASE. It's so hot.


Good for the Alex and Izzie fans, but we Gizzie fans have been waiting four seasons and while we did get the hottest kiss ever portrayed on TV, we got just one kiss.

Alex and Izzie, IMO, have absolutely zero zero chemistry.

And he has always been there for her? When? When he made bets on when Denny, the man she loved, would croak? When he wanted to give her up to the chief when she cut the LVAD wire? When he lashed out at her for adultery when he was sleeping with a married woman himself? When he called her a stupid *itch this week?

Correction, George is the real deal, George has always been there for her, George has never called ehr names or been abusive, George put down the pictures when Alex put naked pictures of her, George stepped up for her when she cut the wire, George held ehr hand when she was listening to Denny's last message,. George is her hero, the guy who is always there.

Alex was the huge mistake Izzie did.

George is her true love.

And if you insist on repeating this horrid mistake, I will quit for good, too bad you will probably never see this emssage as the oh so unreliable mods here who seem to be Alex and Izzie fanatics are cutting off all the anti-Alex and Izzie posts.


I am so happy you are gonna blog during the Summer Shonda. I need some Callie/Hahn/Sloan dish!


Shonda, you are awesome. You have such diverse interests. I know what you mean about the Bee. After seeing Spellbound, Akeelah and the Bee and Bee Season, those Bees are pretty dramatic and they keep you on edge. When GA is in its 16th season and Little Tuck is in the 6th grade, maybe he can go to the Bee. And, I love seeing him in the show. It’s nice to see a working Mom like Dr. Bailey deal with her child care issues. But, her husband is getting on my nerves with his attitude.


Thank you for all of it, Shonda. I guess Sloan really is growing - he even sent Callie off to Erica without saying "And I want details."

Most of all Shonda, thank you for saying something that belongs in our own lives - that our mother or father or whomever raised us wants us to be extraordinary - to live extraordinarily, to love extraordinarily. On the small blackboard I have on my door, I've written "Be extraordinary" and I thank you for reminding me that I could and should be. Imagine what an amazing world it would be if we all tried to live that way - seriously


Fantastic Finale all around. Great writing & theme, and the acting was outstanding by everyone. If EP is not nominated for an Emmy then somebody's not paying attention. Thanks to everyone involved in taking this fractured season and making it one of your best. I appreciate all of the hard work you put into keeping me entertained. Thanks.



There's a rumor out there that Rose is pregnant, which throws Mer/Der into another 3-way issue. If you really want them together, to see how they deal w/life as a couple, I'm going to take that leap of faith that the rumor is just a rumor. I will completely give up on GA if Rose is pregnant!

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Don't separate Meredith and Shepeard. Enough, 4 years of on and off's it's enough. It's time they grow together as couple and persons. Even if there's a baby and etc. they have to face the facts as adults, mature, they have to mature. It's a new level of relationship. Enough of the same punchlines of every show that the main couple only be together in the end of the show. Be diferent, let them grow together now, get stronger, learn the good and bad of a relationship, but still be together as one. It was getting tiresome the fights, the childish behavior. I like to see the next level, the growth of the caracters and show. Izzie and Sloan would be a good match too.


Shonda, the finale was a stunner. You definitely had me standing in front of the television for the last hour and a half and the acting was equally magnificent. You covered all the bases and left me panting for more. Great job. See you next season. I'll be front row center.


Dear Grey's Anatomy team,
thanks so much for season 4. I'm really looking forward for season 5.

Love U, Carol (direct from Brazil)


can you talk on saturday about why derek never pays for anything? he called mere a murderer and she built him a house of candles. he left her for rose he had sex with rose and she keeps taking him back? WHY???


Hey, Great Job on Season 4! I do have one request, lol for once, only for once, can there be minimal drama and can Derek get back to Meredith without getting into some horrible accident? Because we both know that if he doesn't come back for whatever reason, she'll probably revert back into her old ways, because I don't believe that she is all 'whole and healed' yet. I just hope that you really give us what we want and let us watch them grow together. However you do that, I know it will be great!!!

Amy N.

Are you planning on telling us the significance behind the women wearing red tops in the final frame of the finale? Is it some sort of foreshadowing?

Thank you for a fantastic finale!


Thanks again for an excellent fourth season.

Congratulations to you, to the team of writers, and, of course, to the exceptional actors.

It is really a pleasure watching your story every week. Yours is a great series! And, now that season four is over, I already miss watching you. I can't wait for season five, and I hope that it shall be just the fifth in a great number of seasons.

You have surpassed yourselves! And that is a hard thing to accomplish.

You guys deserve your success. The characters are so wonderful that you wish they were for real and you were their friend. You get hooked to the story, and always wants to know what happens next. I can say that Grey's Anatomy has a piece of my heart. Your series is fun, but also sometimes deep, it is exciting, but also touching. For all those reasons, Grey's Anatomy falls in the category of a really exceptional TV show.

And that last episode was simply a masterstroke. Again, thanks. It is a pleasure to be one of your viewers.


For all of you who have posted about the various (and wrong) rumors, you should check out the podcast. Shonda promises there is no pregnancy, no accident and even explains the red tops. You can hear it straight from her mouth. It's a fun podcast too.


McRhymes, how does it feel? Having the world by the tail?


i luv'd the whole callie/hahn thing, im not sure how tht relationship will work out in season 5, i just see it as a 2 episode kinda thing and i really hope theres alot more to it than tht, theres just so many what if's? and how will tht work out? kinda questions looming which is y i cant wait till season 5! u guys r the experts so im really really really lookin forward to seein what u do with tht, u've done a fantastic job so far so i know i wont b dissapointed.

Also the whole callie/george relationship, was it properly resolved? I mean is she fully over him, does her heart ache a little when she sees him?, does he have any feelings 4 her even the slightest?, can u please give us more insight on Callie's inner thoughts and feelings/emotions/opinions/whatever/ etc... Im just a huge Callie Fan =D

mallie forever

absolutely loved every minute of that episode, except erica and callie.
The on call room sex with mark and callie was the hottest thing ever seen on this show. How can you give up scorching hot sex for erica and callie? they may be great friends but lovahs they are not, mark sloan is growing up and he is exactly what callie needs after being with the boy man that is george. Maybe it will all turn out okay after next season and callica will fall apart and I will get my mallie sex. At least i hope so


Dr. Bailey gave up the clinic to save herself so she can be a good surgeon, wife and mother so she dumped that (miserable 'good-ridance') clinic on Izzie to take over. That clinic was Bailey's own brain child, it's her idea in the first place because she wanted more in her duty other than just being a capable resident but also to be the one running the clinic since she can't run a hospital. Izzie only finance the clinic that Bailey had initiated. Now that Bailey decided she didnt' want to play with her 'toy' anymore so she give it to a person below her to run it? I think that was selfish of her. Does it mean Izzie can't do surgery anymore or she can't be a surgeon since she'll surely be busy running the clinic? Bailey's decision dissapoint me, I has always respected her before. That clinic should be there in the first place.


Okay so I know Shonda is never going to read this but I have to put it out there... I am a huge fan and moved to Africa (work for an NGO) in the middle of this season. It takes me days, literally days to download episodes off of itunes. The finale? Worth every minute of it!! It moved me and I too needed hope, Shonda. Which is why I beg of you -please say the rumors aren't true!!! Rose cannot be pregnant and/or Derek cannot be in some sort of horrible accident before he makes it back to Mer. PLEASE!!! Let us see them together and hopeful!! Thanks for such an amazing show....


I am a huge Grey's fan, and I enjoy this blog and have a great time reading how other fans perceive each character. HOWEVER, this blog doesn't seem to have any posts about things that weren't within the normal limits of "real life" Like the fact that how did Meredith, for as extraordinary as she is now becoming, pull of the PERFECT house of candles, by herself. Makes one go hhmmmm??? I would like to see some blogs where viewers aren't mushy and/ or demanding to have the story changed to meet their needs. Although a few bloggers have such excellent insight, I swear they should be on the writing staff. Bottomline: please post all the blogs, even the ones that aren't extraordinary.

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