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Zoanne Clack on "Where the Wild Things Are"...

Original Airdate: 4-24-08

Okay, before I start the blog, I wanted to mix this up a little in the spirit of the episode.  Let’s have a contest.  10 points for whomever tells me why Bailey’s carrying her baby around all the time.  25 points if you can tell me the name of the crazy tumor that Phillip ends up having (no cheating by going back and looking!!!  We’re on the honor system here!).  40 points for the guesser of the theme of this episode.  And here’s the motherload, the “medical mystery” if you will: there are lyrics to a song referenced within this blog (which also gives another clue to the theme).  80 points for the person who can name the song (and an extra 20 for the artist).  Answers are in spoilers at the end (remember: honor code people!).

Alright, you with me?  Let’s start this party right.  I know I, for one, have been a bottom-feeder for the last few months.  A scavenger sitting in the mud and spitting out rocks on the bottom of the fishtank, flipping through my TIVO and watching umpteenth re-runs, models modeling, mensa members losing to fifth graders, chefs making 20-course meals out of garbanzo beans, and stars doing everything from dancing to rehab to showing us their “other talents.”  Although I do admit that I have been crazy inspired by The Biggest Loser.  Love it.  Can’t get enough of it.  I sing the theme song to myself as I get up in the morning (What have you done today, to make you feel proud…?)  And the piece de la resistance:  Groomer Has It.  Animal Planet.  Feel the burn.

Did I mention I’m SO GLAD WE’RE BACK????!!!  So glad prime-time network TV is back and can fill my TIVO with sweet, yummy non-rerun fictional candy again.  Can I get an Amen?

So what’s been going on in the 6 weeks (tv time) since we’ve been gone?  I’ve heard a lot of speculation out there, but Meredith is absolutely.  Not.  Pregnant.  Not even close.  Hasn’t even had sex.  With anyone.  Meredith.  Our beloved, “have-sex-instead-of-problems”, “meet-your-soul-mate-and-sleep-with-him-after-picking-him-up-in-a-bar” Meredith.  She’s traded sex for… therapy?  Therapy?  Our Meredith?  She senses there’s something wrong, something really wrong.  But she can’t put her finger on it.  Or can’t admit what she’s already put her finger on.  Therapy is interesting because it’s the one place you get to talk about yourself incessantly and someone actually LISTENS.  They’re actually paid to listen to your drivel.  And occasionally give you mind-blowing assessments of your behavior.  But Mer’s not quite taking full advantage of that.  But it looks like there’s some movement at the end… we’ll see what she does with that.  Maybe it’ll help her actually start acting like a human being around Derek.  They haven’t spoken in the entire six-week interim.  Mer’s been totally avoiding him and he’s been avoiding her.  But they can’t keep that up.  They can’t handle that.  Deep, deep down, on their basest levels, taking intellect out of the picture, they belong together.  They need each other.  It’s instinctual, base, feral. 

But what if it’s not?  What if all of their instincts are wrong, like with Izzie?  She put all of her blood, sweat and tears into Cheech, I mean, Otis, and for what?  Poor Izzie.  It’s time for her to figure out who she wants to be and what kind of doctor she wants to be.  On her own.  Not emulating Cristina, not fighting for lost causes, something where she can take charge and find out what she’s good at.  Don’t you think?  Thank God Richard’s around to put everything into perspective for her.  Maybe her instincts weren’t great, but she’s human.  And being human ain’t so bad.

Unless you’re Cristina.  When being human is bad.  When being human means that you have to go against all your natural instincts to win at all costs.  When being human means you have to put your tail between her legs (figuratively speaking, of course) and sacrifice the win to get where you want to go in life.  To realize that sometimes in order to win, you’ve got to lose – you have to give up one thing to gain another.

What you gain can be what you need.  Humans need human connection.  And when they don’t get it, they tend to take it out on other people and not realize what they’re doing themselves.  Who could I possibly be talking about?  Maybe a little guy we like to call George?  George walking around like a wounded lion.  Pouncing on people left and right, trying not to show the scars of being left out of his peer group.  Poor Lexie got the brunt of this… little did he know he had a friend right there, the whole time, wanting to be there for him.  And frickin’ Lexie!  There’s someone who needs to be loved.  So sad.  So vulnerable.  Which kind of actually makes her strong in a very co-dependent kind of “please like me” kind of way.  She’s like a little puppy who works so hard to do right and please their owner (except that puppies don’t usually have the whole alcoholic father part).  Her pleasing puppy is in sharp contrast to Alex’s underdog, who’s always fighting to keep his head above water.  For him, it’s like a jungle sometimes, it makes him wonder how he keeps from going under.  There’s something going on with him.  With his past.  Something that doesn’t fully let him reach his ultimate potential…. Hmmm, maybe we’ll start finding out what that is soon.  Every dog has its day.

Humans also get jealous, and boy is that running rampant around Seattle Grace.  Cristina so wants to be in the Callie-Erica crowd and she’s so not.  Callie and Erica are like birds of a feather now.  They stick together.  And Cristina is not in any way a part of their flock.  And what about Mark?  He’s totally jealous of Derek.  It’s like Derek is the prodigal wolf that strayed from the pack and Mark’s been waiting for him to come back, but Derek’s not coming.  Mark thought they’d go back to the pre-Addison days where they were hunters on the prowl, spiders spinning their webs.  But Derek’s already moved on to new prey.  Already catching someone new in his web. 

And that somebody is Rose. During the time we haven’t seen them they’ve developed a bit of a mating ritual where she pretends she doesn’t care and tries to hold on to her iguana aloofness even in the face of the overwhelming cuteness that is McDreamy.  And for once, he’s not trying to hold back the McDreaminess.  Usually reserved only for Meredith, he’s weaving his web and it’s trapping Rose.  The more she resists, the tighter the web gets around her.  I don’t think she’ll be fighting it much more.  But will Derek watch her struggle in his web, store her up for later, or go for it?  He seems pretty determined… she wants what he wants.  She’s a real woman ready for a real relationship.  And despite Mark’s incessant taunting, Derek’s going to stay true to Derek.

As Bailey stays true to Bailey.  Taking care of the hospital, the residents, her baby, her life, and overall just being supreme ruler of the universe that she is.  But can she handle it all?  Is she superwoman or is she about to implode?  Or perhaps even explode.  I mean, she just went through one of the biggest tragedies of her life, feeling like she may have failed in protecting her own little bear cub.  Then here comes this literal mama bear that kills because her bear cub was just touched.  Overreaction?  Or simply just instinct?  Can Bailey’s instincts be as sharp as she thinks they can be?  I think she really believes she can handle it all.  She is woman, hear her roar.  She’s also a doctor.  And a chief resident. A wife.  A mother.  (CAUTION: SPOILERS (answers) AHEAD!)  She’s split up with her hubby and she’s trying to get as much time with Little Tuck as possible (10 points).  She’s a Mama Bear.  Which is how we got to our theme: Animal Instincts (40 points).  A freakin’ bear attacked Phillip because he had a malignant glioma (25 points – and I’ll give it to you if you guessed just “glioma”) that was causing him to go against his own natural instincts.   Not to mention our residents are running around the hospital like rodents, feeding off of the life (and death) of the hospital. 

And now for the ultimate.  The motherload.  The “medical mystery” of it all.  The 80-point monster:

The lyric was: It’s like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder how I keep from going under… And the song is called “The Message” (circa 1982). 

20-point bonus if you guessed Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five.

How’d you do?  Max is 175…



Thank you, Zoanne. And Shonda. And all of you. For the truly remarkable. The truly amazing. The amazingly awesome episode you presented to us tonight. I can literally say I've never been so excited about Grey's Anatomy. Just...thank you. So. Freaking. Much. From the bottom of my heart.

You guys? Totally my heroes. Seriously!


The episode was good, but I cannot help but want George and Izzie together, they have such chemistry and tonight again proved it


THank god your back...and thank god you didn't shove Rose down our throats. Im glad all they did is Kiss. It means Derek is thinking and not acting...which of course is what MARK does. I loved the Chiefs speech to Izzie, and I loved that part of Clea Duvalls scalp was just hanging....I don't know...that part of Greys always makes me feel like Seattle Grace is one cool place to be a surgeon

Jayne in MI

Kudos on an amazing episode to reel all of us back in! I'm eagerly awaiting "the kiss" that Shonda teased us with (in TV guide). I can't wait to see Meredith and Derek back together. I said it last year, and I'll say it again, America needs a love story, not a broken heart! I hope that's what we're going to get this season! Keep up the good work!


Fabulous, fun to read, blog, Zoanne! Fabulous episode. My favorite part is that the real Meredith is back. The one who is a really good doctor, like she was in the first season. I love Mere when she isn't being pathetic. That is just the best. Thanks so much for that, Zoanne, Shonda, and anyone else out there who was involved!

Grey's Fan

I'm so glad you're back, too!!! YAY!!! Love reading your blog entries, too!


I hate Derek with Rose, Meredith deserve so much better

I like George and Lexie as friends, but I want him with Izzie as a couple, they belong together


I want George and Izzie back, please do not put her with Alex and pleaselet george and Lexie be just friends.

Gizzie forever!


Zoanne, what a fabulous blog, you get the characters so well and tonight was a great episode, I do hope we get MerDer and Gizzie reunited though.


Some thoughts:

I love fesity strong Mer back, I am glad she won

I felt bad for Izzie though, but loved her convo with the chief

Loved George and Izzie scenes, those two need to be a couple

Callie and Hahn, are you going there, the big L word

I like George and Lexie friendship, they are both so cute


Fantastic. With 3 or 4 new or juiced-up story lines...

Was it my imagination or did the recent bride look a lot like Meredith? I know they're not related, but it made that story line so much better.

It looks like Callie is going to get more air time. Fantastic!!


she was wonderful tonight.. a real leading lady. please continue to write her like this!
seriously shonda and co this was a spectactular episode. i love the humor and the contest was a great idea.

LOVE MERDER! they love eachother and im excited to see how you get them back together.


*This is truly a Grey's Anatomy episode. It was fun sassy and heartbreaking. "intestines in the hand!"

thank you for bringing back the best show on television!


I love the episode.

All of it was good.

I could still feel the chemistry with Gizzie, the romantic one and all the feelings, and I am glad about that.

How they got together was a mistake but they belong together and when they are ready, they will be, I hope

I will always root for them

Meredith was great, the old Mer was back

Please fix Cristina though, I do not recognize her since Burke has left and Sandra Oh deserves better

Lexie is a cutie and she and George make great FRIENDS, but he belongs with Izzie

I like Alex and Ava and am sad to hear they are ending


Wow loved the episode it was so much better then I had anticipated!!

Don't like what you said about Derek showing his McDreaminess to anyone other than Mer because he shouldn't be... but what you say and what we see are completely different seeing as though Lauren and Patrick's chemistry no where near matches his and Ellen's... you could even argue that they have none....

Anyway loved the episode and for the love of everthing holy do not let Rose and Derek have sex because I will be sending you my bill for my lobotomy...

Thank you


Tonight's episode was great! I loved the Gizzie scenes. Please, please, please put them back together as a couple. No Izzie/Alez and no Lexie/George! We want to see what Gizzie CAN be if you'll just let them. I'm begging you, give us Gizzie back!!!


The kiss, could it be Callie and Hahn?

That would be cool, I also would love a Gizzie, MerDer or Mark and Callie kiss.

Not Alex and Izzie, don't like them.

Gizzie were hot in the closet and I love George talking about Izzie's hot hair.

Derek is a jerk, he does not deserve Mer, but I want them together as they have chemistry, he needs to go with therapy with her.

Lexie is such a sweet girl.

Glad George admitted he was lucky to have her as a friend.

Give Cristina, Izzie, Mer and George some happiness.

Make Alex less of a jerk

Give me the MerDer of old.

Reunite Gizzie

Make Mer and Lexie close


I will sleep well tonight now that you are back.


Why is nobody saying anything about Addison????


way to go meredith, avoiding derek for almost an entire episode! this is progress.

i love mer in therapy. i hope there's more.

i feel awful for christina, even though the brownnoser deserves to NOT get what she wants all of the time.


I loved the George and Izzie scenes!

Matthew Rushing

Brilliant! Loved every minute of this episode! Thank you!

I love George and Lexie friendship scenes.

I loved george and Izzie scenes, the chemistry is still there. Hopefully they get together one day the right way, Izzie was right the affair was a mistake, but george and Izzie as a couple and as true love was SO not.

We Gizzie fans have been waiting since day 1 and we will wait till they get together the right way, however we have to wait.

I love MerDer but I am disappointed you are reuniting them so soon, they need more time to fix their problems, to be alone and look at why, even though they love each other, they cannot make it work.

Four episodes is too fast to solve all these problems

By far one of the best blog I ever read


How can you win when even the writers seem to take pride in bashing Meredith who shined in this episode and swoon over McDreamy. All I can tell you is the scenes between Dempsey and Stamile are hard to watch and I know you are pretty much done filming your last episodes for this season, but honestly it's too bad you are pushing that Rose character on us and pretending the Derek/Rose characters "have" something. I love Grey's and I LOVED it tonight, but not for the ill conceived Rose/Derek paring. Let's face it, it's painful to watch. It was for the lovely performance of Ellen Pompeo as Meredith with all the warmth,humor and sadness that any actress can bring on a character. I can't wait for the day that even the person who writes this show avoids the urge to bash her while trying to get us all to love the less than honorable actions of Derek. It's just a shame. But the show rocked tonight!

good blog. great blog in fact. and good episode. the theme had more layers than i realized and this blog supplemented that. glad to have ya'll back. especially since the whole gizzie diaster is finally at rest.


I love the episode, and your blog is amazing, I never read you before, but you get the characters and the show s well.

I have one complaint:

george and Izzie CANNOT be just friends, they CANNOT.

Hello, have you seen how amazing their chemistry is?

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