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Oh my God, WE ARE BACK!

We are.  Really.  SERIOUSLY.  Writers are writing away and we’re all very excited about getting back to our Mer and our Der and our Iz and our…well, our EVERYBODY. 

It has not been so fun to be away from our friends at Seattle Grace.  Remember when George walked the strike line?  It was kinda like that.  Only without the cuteness of George to make it fun.


Working to get episodes on the air for you!  Wha-hey!

Here’s the thing:  we have to write the episodes and the actors and crew have to shoot the episodes and the editors have to edit the episodes.  And it doesn’t matter how fast my beloved Bossy McBossy Rob Corn gets us to move, it’s still going to take some time.

Because my fingers only type at a certain speed.  And I have to say all the dialogue out loud to myself.  And ask McBossy weird questions.  Questions like, “McBossy, can you build a corn field over by the fake hospital and make it explode?”   Questions that cause him to furrow his brow and run from my office.  Plus, you remember that I need some time to lie on the floor and worry about the characters.  Which is why I try to drive Rob away with the questions.  So I have the lie-on-the-floor-and-worry time.

My point is, it’s going to take a while to get from my typing fingers to your TV screen.  Our first new episode will air at the end of April. 

What will you do until then to get your Grey’s on?   If only you could see the actors in person.  If only you could go see them on stage, in person, talking and laughing and yes, SINGING for charity…


For one night only, the casts of Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice are coming together for a live performance!  An unforgettable evening of laughter and song to benefit crew members who were affected by the strike.

Because while the strike is over, it will be months before many crew members are back to work.  Millions of dollars in income were lost.  Many crew members are suffering.  And we want to do anything we can to help out.


FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY, February 29, 2008 at UCLA’s Royce Hall in Los Angeles, CA we are presenting GOOD MEDICINE.  A little singing, a little funny, a lot of raising money. 

Come on out and join the casts of Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice.  See TR KNIGHT SING!  Hear Tony Winners Audra MacDonald and Sara Ramirez!  See Katie and Kate!  See Ellen and Sandra!  SEE THEM ALL!  CAUSE THEY WANNA SEE YOU! And help raise some money to help others!

Tickets are $85.  You can buy them on Ticketmaster.com or call the UCLA Central Ticket Office at 310-825-2101.  Tickets are going to go fast and you don’t want to miss this one time event.

I hope to see you there!  I’ll be the one in the too-sparkly dress (I love sparkly to the point of tacky), looking pleased and proud of my kickass casts as they work to entertain you….


Kelly Mac

Welcome back! You were missed!!


I'm SO excited!

Stella Guinness

I can't wait until April!


I'm so glad you're back!!!! Happy Writing!!!


You're back!!

I'm so excited that everything is over and things are going to get back. Really really love it. So excited.

And I wish I could go this benefit. It would be amazing to see the casts all singy and entertaining and stuff, just amazing.


Welcome back

now please fix Meredith and Derek...we want them together and happy. We don't want to wait another season. Oh and I don't like Rose.

Welcome back! I missed you!


Hip Hip Hooray!!!!! Your back...We have missed you!!!!!! I can't even begin to tell you how much :) I love the idea of a benefit but I live in MI and we keep getting snowstorms, lol. So I cant make it :( But is there an address where we can send donations? Have an awesome night and let us know how it went please??

Oh my gosh I am just sooo excited that your back and while it is awful that Greys wont be back till April/May but at least your back *squels* and we get more episodes *screams happily*

Congrats to you on the end of the strike...we were all rooting for you guys and doing what we could to help. Which was petitions and emails and tons of complaining and whining, lol.

Welcome back Greys!!!!!


Okay I just commented but someone suggested something on the ABC board and I thought it was a great idea so I want to share it...

Make this benefit into a DVD. A lot of us don't live in California so we have to miss out on this amazing opportunity and miss out on helping the crew. However, you could put it on DVD and sell it on the online store...and give all proceeds to the crew or what not, so everyone gets a chance to share in this.

I think it's a great idea.


Shonda please give us a blog a day to make up for lost time! I wish I lived near LA. Any chance they can repeat the performance on the east coast?


Please put a blog up about 4.11.
here are a few things i would like to know-
1. what it meant when Meredith looked at Bailey's son at the end of the episode
2. wtf was derek thinking

i also want to share some feelings on 4.11. I already have it typed up. I know im crazyyy obsessed.

i'm so happy you are back and i am going to try and come to the benefit. thank you for all that you do.


I totally agree with making it into a DVD. I live in PA & there's no way I'd be able to get there.....along with A LOT of other dedicated viewers! You would maximize your potential income by like 500% if you put a DVD up for sale! Please consider it!! :)


I am SOOOO VERY HAPPY you are back! My friend and I are HUGE fans! We were afraid that we were not going to get our Grey's fix anymore this year. I can't wait till the end of April! THANK YOU!!


First of all I am so happy you are back. second fix mer/der asap. third it would be amazing if you could do this on the east coast too. i was thinking about getting a plane ticket but it would add up way too much. but the dvd would be a great idea too, but not the same as in person. This is definitely a once in a lifetime thing.


Welcome back! Now PLEASE get rid of rose and put mer and der back together and make them happy! We suffered through Rose and we suffered through the strike now PLEAAAAAASSSSSSSSE!


I'm so glad you're going to be back!


welcome back, it was time!!! bring merder and izzie&alex together, and kill rose please. THANK YOU AND GOOD WORK.


You were missed greatly. The blog was missed greatly. We do under5stand why there was no writing and support the strike.

April's new episodes will be great to see. (And you will be back in time for the May sweeps!)

Welcome back!

Stephanie Again

Ohhh I love the idea of a DVD. I am in MI and wouldnt be able to afford to go. Believe me...I checked all available airlines and hotels to see how much it would have been LOL. But I would love to still be able to donate if possible :) The crews were my main worry during the strike....glad that they will be back soon :)

Shonda I forgot to tell you...I loved the episodes you were able to finish before the strike!


Welcome back. I'm so looking forward to hopefully you cleaning up the mess that was made of Mer/Der. Work on there issues but don't bring another women into Derek's life. He needs to be by himself for awhile. Bringing Rose into this triangle isn't strengthening your fanbase. All it's doing is just making us wonder if we'll ever get as good as eppys as S1 & S2. I know you have it in you to bring back what the show once was. Bring back the magic that Greys once was. We all miss it!


oh my gosh finally!!! i have been waiting forever for you guys to come back........now get Mer and Der back together ASAP. get rid of rose (she has got to go) have m and d get back together and then in a few episdoes get married. its time for greys to have a marriage that actually works...and who better than meredtih and derek???? have them fight over maried ppl stuff....not weather or not Derek should be kissing nurses.

i've missed you GREYS
can't wait for you to come back


Woo! Can't wait til the episodes are back Shonda. I've missed this show so much. (But please, don't make Derek an ass again!)


YOU'RE BACK!!!!!!!



I'd buy it on iTunes...I'd also buy every single Private Practice episode if you could tell us when they will be up. I've been dying here.

Shannon From Ontario Canada

I missed Grey's :( But I'm glad it's back :) . There was a big void in my Thursday night :(. I cannot wait to see new episodes :D . Welcome back :D


Ecstatic that you're all back! Cannot wait to see the new episodes in April, although, I wish they were sooner, but I respect your typing fingers.

As much as I'd like to get to 'Good Medicine', I'm from the east and will be in school and won't be able to make it out. I do have friends who are Grey's fans who go to school at UCLA, so I'll be sure to relay this information to them. I agree with those above who are encouraging making the show into a DVD. Those of us who won't be able to see it live will pay big bucks to see it on tape.

Can't wait to see our friends over at SGH back in action!

PS- When you all finally do get back to work, can you take care of MerDer? The whole Rose thing just isn't working out. ;)

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