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Shonda on the Season Premiere Episode "A Change Is Gonna Come"...

Original Airdate: 9-27-07


Change is good.  Change is everything.

Change is also what’s in the stomach of that guy who can’t stop eating weird crap.

Welcome to Season Four.  SEASON FOUR.  I can’t believe we made it this far.  We’re proud to have made it this far.  Let me tell you, Season Three was not easy for anybody and we’re glad to have it behind us.  It’s all new dawn, new day over here and people are happy as freaking pie about it.

The interns are residents now, with interns of their own.  Except for George, poor George, who is stuck repeating his intern year.  He’s a repeater.  And it’s not easy being a repeater.  It pretty much sucks being a repeater.  He’s the only who hasn’t gone through any change when we begin the episode.  But by the end, he has.  He tells Izzie that he loves her too.  Which takes guts.  Because he knows what he is getting into.  He’s a married man, he’s a married man with a great wife, and he never intended to be a married man who loved another woman.  Man, is he in for some change.

I’ve been reading the boards.  I know how a lot of y’all feel about the George/Izzie of it all.  But stay tuned because it gets really interesting.  And funny.  And sad.  And I’m pretty sure what comes is unexpected.

Meredith and Derek are “broken up” by the end of this first episode.  But what does that really mean?  Especially when break up means break up sex?  Are they really apart?  Poor Meredith can’t quite deal with all that is expected of her in this relationship but they love each other, they really truly love each other and so…how much can they really be broken up?

I gotta say, I’m really rooting for the two of them to make it.  For Meredith to get her act together and learn to trust someone.  Someone other than Cristina.  Whom she honeymooned with. 

That was my favorite detail.  That Meredith and Cristina went on Cristina’s honeymoon together.  Because that is so exactly what my best friends and I would have done (my best friends are named Cristina and Debbie – they are my Cristina and Izzie) if I had been left at the altar by a spectacular heart surgeon on the day of my wedding.  We would have gone on that honeymoon and tried to have a good time.  We would have been fine.  Which is what Cristina is – fine.  Or she’s trying to be.  Fine.  But she’s not.  She’s not fine and we know she’s not fine because when she’s looking at the internally decapitated man and his family all together at the end, she’s devastated. 

Bailey.  I love her.  And I love that she’s not at ALL about to let the Chief off the hook for not making her Chief Resident.  After all, she’s BAILEY.  She’s worked hard, she’s been the best.  And isn’t it just like the Chief to decide what is best for her?  It’s his flaw, the Chief.  He’s an old school man and like an old school man, he’s taking care of his women.  Whether they like it or not.  Whether they want to be taken care of or not.  This isn’t gonna be an easy pill for Bailey to swallow…

But my most favorite thing about this episode?  Mark and Derek kinda making up.  That moment when Mark professes his “intentions” to Derek about why he came to Seattle is priceless.  And charming.  And a little bit sweet.   They were the very best of friends, these two.  They grew up together.  So it’s so true that they would go back to being friends in the absence of Addison…

Addison, by the way, is living her life over on Wednesday nights.  It’s a good life.  And I’m not saying you should check it out.  But…you should check it out.

Back to Seattle:  Lexie Grey is here now.  And she’s here to stay.  I love that she’s a bit of a dork.  Being a dork myself, I am fond of the girls with verbal diarrhea.  Because it’s not easy to keep all your words in – believe me.  It’s the reason I identify so much with Callie.  Poor Callie.  She’s got a lot of unpleasant stuff heading her way in the coming weeks.  Things she never imagined she would have to go through.  But the one thing she will never do is keep silent.

Okay, this blog was late and now, it’s short.  But that’s because I have to get back to writing scripts for the show…

Thank you for watching.  I mean that.  We mean that.  All of us over here at Grey’s mean it.  We’re staring at a new dawn, new day but that doesn’t mean we aren’t grateful to every single one of you for watching…



you're saying everything is about to change. so i think you're implying that the fact that meredith can only trust christina is about to change. i sense a big upheaval in the hierarchy of friends this season. can't wait.
thank you for keeping the faith in your characters and in US.
love you shonda.


Loved the premiere. Especially everyone giving Bailey's 1st day speech to their new interns. Very clever! The only thing that really bugged me was Lexie babbling on to Meredith and Derek when she was supposed to have urgently been paging him for Cristina. Mad me a little mad. Thanks for saving the deer. It would've broken my heart if Izzy couldn't have saved it. Yeah, I'm a sucker for animals and for hope - just like Izzy! Keep up the great work and I can't wait for tomorrow night's episode!


Shonda, you're my hero. <3


THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for the break-up kiss and break-up sex!! It made the wait worthwhile!!!


Excited for a new season, loved Derek and Mark scene. MER DER :)


Great Job Shonda, I can't wait for the rest of the season!!

Very very interesting George and Izzie..I hope it's not too sad.

And really curious of what you are gonna do with Mer/Der..hehe

Thanks for the great show Shonda always!


I'm glad Grey's is back, and I'm glad I'm watching, because after last season's finale...well, let's just say my watching any more "Grey's" was not by any means a sure thing. You messed up...messed up big time. It seems as though the show I fell in love with is trying to get back on track, but it's definitely not there yet. At this point, I can't stand the character of Izzie. I'm sure Katherine Heigl is a terrific gal (she's a terrific actor, as evidenced by the fact that she's elicited--in character--such a strong response from me). But Izzie? Awful. Self-absorbed, self-destructive, and the worst part? Destructive to others. She nearly took down the careers of her closest colleagues with the thing with Denny, slept with "her best friend" when he was married (sorry, drunk doesn't make it okay), and now is trying to persuade him to leave his wife. Selfish. Awful. Nearly unwatchable. And the thing with the deer? I ended up fast-forwarding (thank you, TiVo!) through the last couple of scenes relating to the deer because it was so insulting to my intelligence and to the integrity of the show. I'm guardedly optimistic that the show is heading back in the right direction, but Shonda...don't take us for granted anymore. You've used up a lot of goodwill.


Shonda, Shonda, Shonda.

We stuck through the bad times last season. We held onto that ray of hope. Thursday night was rocky but the

last 5 minutes brought GA back home. MerDer has to exist. I don't care on what plain, it has to exist. That

they couldn't resist each other made me whole again (isn't that really, really, really sad?!). I LOVED that

Derek summed up Mer's situation to a tee when talking to Mark in the scrub room. It was so gratifying that he

actually understood what she was going through rather than the dribble he was spouting last season. Has Derek

finally found a set of cohonies? Let's have MerDer have a happy relationship this season, eh? Yes, you've

stuck in a breakup now but they're really still together. Let's leave them together (officially). We need to

settle them down because the breakups are happening every other episode and are becoming very tedious.

I only please beg that Lexie be kept out of any love triangle. Enough already. She's getting a bond with

George and that's great as a friend. But enough with the interns/residents/attendings sleeping with each

other. Soon, we'll need to re-situate the show to the bogs of society with so much in-breeding.

Very happy that Mark & Derek are going to become friends again. LOVED Mark's comment that he came to Seattle

for Derek. Oh, I laughed aloud! The stars are aligning to their correct places.

My heart bleeds for Bailey but she's a tiger and will triumph. It's her nature. Loved that our new residents

used her rules. Also glad that Bailey isn't running to aid Callie. Bailey is showing who really was the

better candidate and standing up for herself. Loved it.

The deer was way out there and making my eyes roll more than once but I persevered. Shocking the deer on a

metal truck-bed was a slight oversight, I thought. Absolutely thrilled that Isiah Washington is gone. It's a

breath of fresh air.

Alex needs to shave the goatie. It puffs out his face and is not at all attractive. As a side note, please

don't concentrate on the new interns. I don't care about them. I've invested 3 years already and don't want

anyone else!! :)

Truly, I was ready to throw in the towel. So much rode on this episode. But you brought me back. You know the

winning formula, Shonda. We don't want reality. We want a credible fantasy. That chemistry & true love that

is "MerDer" is our fantasy. Keep it with us. Bring us our strong, lovable characters and you'll never lose us


Well done.

P.S. If Callie is preggars, it's going to turn into Days of Our Lives. Let's keep the focus on our (now)

residents & George. It's such a winning combination.

Katie Mc

I hope that Mer.der do make it because i love them, and i am liking gizzie but then i feel so sorry for callie, she truley loves George :(

Anyway love the new season just like season 1 keep it up


Always b Grey

I guess I'm one of the first to write to you, Shonda.
I really liked the show. I mean, the deer was a little odd, but healing it is what I would expect crazy Izzie to do so I guess it was in character.
I LOVE Mer/Der!!!
They are the reason I watch the show in the first place.
Thank you for redeeming Derek. I loved the fact that he "get's" Mere.
That last scene in the on-call room was GREAT!!!!
I liked that Derek was "just going along" with the break-up because that's all Mere can handle right now.Following that scene with Gizzie was kinda disgusting but when I re-watch, I just fast forward through so I guess I can deal.
I was sad and disapointed after the season finale last year but I am looking forward to a new year and a new begining for Mer/Der!!!!
Mer/Der forever!!!
That's my motto...


Shonda, this is my first post ever. I have been anxiously awaiting your post all week! I have to say I am a HUGE Gray's fan (as in I refuse to be a slave to my television. I watch tv one night a week and you guessed it, since Gray's started, my tv night is the night Gray's is on.) Last season, I almost became NOT a Gray's fan. I had decided to give this year three episodes. I was so disappointed in almost everything last year. By mid episode, I was seriously considering saying forget it, and in the last 5 minutes of the show, I was hooked again. I have to say, I expected to hate Lexi and now she is definately a fave. I am hoping to see the George/Izzy of it all make sense and I can't help root for both Mer/Der and MAR/Der. That was my favorite scene. Macho Mark wearing his feelings on his sleeve lately both over Addison and Derek has been awesome to see. PS My husband taped Private Practice in case I might want to check it out. I thought it was good. I may have to tivo it to watch after Gray's in the future. Keep up the great work!


I am enjoying Meredith/Derek and Cristina, and to some extent Alex, but sorry Shonda - the George and Izzie of it all is becoming somewhat of a deal breaker here. Right now, what I do not expect is for these two idiots is to get what is coming to them - and I hope that they do get what is coming to them so I can enjoy this show in its entirety again. Sorry, this is wrong, just plain wrong and no matter how you sugar-coat it it will not be right.


Thank you Shonda for writing sucha great story for us to spend out Thursday nights with!
Sometimes Der/Mer fustrate me....they just can't seem to get it together! If they only knew how many of us are rooting for them!!!!
Keep up the great work!!!!


I can't wait to see what this "new dawn, new day" brings!!!


Thank you for posting! I have been compulsively checking for days =). And just FYI I like Gizzie, feel so bad for Callie, but LOVE Gizzie.
I also appreciate the dorkiness of Lexie.

Excellent show except for the deer part. That was lame.

I think Mark likes Mer. I think he was badmouthing her to Derek to try to get close to Derek and it backfired. Love the embarrasing "Get you back".

Lexie shares a trait with Mer. Horrific timing and blurting things out at the worst possible moment. I guess she is going to be the anti-Mer. Glass half full instead of half empty.

Love Bailey with an edge. "not my interns, not my business."

George: It's Callie,Izzy, Meredith and Cristina's fault? Come on George, man up.

Love Derek defending Meredith to Mark. I guess over the summer (17 days) Derek grew a pair and became less brainless. He knows Meredith so well. When Meredith says breakup, he didn't pout or walk away. She pushed him away and he kept on coming.

Alex: Love the new look. A man who is confident and in charge. A little empathy for Cristina.

Callie: Interesting watching her struggle with her new job. Bailey has their respect and Callie has to earn it.

Izzy: I can take her and George together or not. Bambie speech was horrible.

Cristina: Becoming human. She so misses Burke.

Meredith: I am a little uneasy about the speech to Nancy about better to be alone and a success than be in a relationship and feel like a failure. She could not look Derek in the eye when she tried to break up with him. I think she will be protective of Lexie if manwhore Alex or Mark makes a move on her.

Can't wait until tomorrow.


I loved the show!! It was a great season opener!!

Keep up the good work!


The premier was amazing! I am happy to see the way the show is going. You did a great job!

It will be interesting to watch this season unfold...

It is also good to see some Mer/Der action (even better to know there is more on the way)!

I think the George and Izzie story is heartbreaking...and realistic. I understand some have problems with it--but I get it. They are best friends, he got married... its hard to take that step into accepting your best friend is married. Sometimes it causes interesting reactions (like believing you are in love with him, for instance).


I loved it! I may be one of the few, but I LOVE George and Izzie. I don't like the sound of it being sad, but you fabulous writers always work it out! Thanks!

Enough Already

Derek deserves someone better than Meredith. Someone he can be a real person with, flaws and all. Unfortunately, with her he has to be McDreamy ALL THE TIME or she can't handle being with him. Please end Mer/Der and let Derek move on to an adult, not someone that behaves like they are 14.


I loved this episode, especially when George told Izzie he loved her too. I'm just glad that you finally have decided to give this couple a chance. I love them to no end and they are the main reason why I watch the show.


I LOVE THIS SHOW! You have an amazing staff of writers and I live for the next show :)

BTW..I love Private Practice too :)



Loved most of it, really can't wait to see where it all goes.


I have to say that thoroughly enjoyed the premiere episode. It'll be interesting to see what happens between Meredith and Lexie (with a little McDreamy thrown in), Cristina without Burke and most of all the George/Izzie/Callie deal. I still don't see George and Izzie as anything more than best friends (they were like brother and sister for the first 2 seasons and even part of 3!) but I definitely want to know where THAT'S headed! Hey...will we get to know Alex a little more this season? The Alex we saw with Ava was a great start and he's basically the only character we don't really know too much about.
Thanks to you and all the writers...you guys ROCK.


Shonda, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I had all but given up hope by the season finale of season three. Depressing is just too optimistic of a word to describe how it was or how I felt. I swore off the show all summer. Really, I did. I wasn't even sure I would watch the premiere. But, I did. OH MY, DID I EVER! With an open mind. And, a hand on your shoulder following your lead and putting faith in you as you asked. I'm so freakin happy. I wish I had something more thoughtful or poetic to say right now but all I can think of saying is that I'm FREAKIN HAPPY.
Meredith and Derek. WOW. We got more from them in their 'break up' than we did the whole time they were a couple. WOW. They love each other so much and I just hope he has the patience to stand by her. Meredith has never had anyone she truly love stay with her. Christina may be her person, but Derek is the love of her life. Derek is her connection to her heart. Thank God they seem to be on a more healthy, fun, loving and even more comical path.
GIZZIE! George and Izzie MUST stay together. The mere thought of them ending saddens me. Sure, there are thousands and thousands of people who don't like them but there are THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS that do and even more THOUSANDS that hop on the GIZZIE ship daily. The two actors have created incredible chemisty together. Their storyline is so intriguing. The joy and the pain that can come between two best friends falling in love. Not to mention, one of them is married. This is beyond intriguing. Gizzie is CAPTIVATING for me, oh, and those thousands and thousands that add up to millions and millions of other fans!
Thank you so much Shonda for bringing Greys BACK! Back on track.
Did I mention, I'm so freakin HAPPY. I am.

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