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Krista Vernoff on "Haunt You Every Day"...

First things first. Blogging about episode number 5 when you are currently spending long days in the writers’ room working on episode 12? This kind of thing was MUCH easier before I had a baby. Yes, since we last spoke my beautiful daughter Cosette was born – and with her arrival went the vast majority of my brain cells. Seriously, it’s craaaazy how dumb I am. Can’t. Remember. Crap. I currently have my lovely and talented assistant, Star, running around the building looking for a dvd of “Haunt You Everyday” so I can remember what the hell it’s about. I vaguely remember something about Halloween. So that’s what I’ll talk about.

Halloween has long been a favorite holiday of my family. We are a highly delusional people, and any opportunity to pretend to be someone else, we seize upon with glee. Every year, my Dad, until he died at 56, would spend like, 4 hours in the bathroom putting on this unbelievable costume. He would dress as one of the monsters from the Time Machine. What were they called?? Warlock? …Morlock! I think it was morlock! God, I wish I was kidding about my memory. Anyway, he was big on the holiday. I, myself, remember being chastised by a neighbor lady when, at age 13, I was dressed up like a kitty/bunny/rodent type creature, ringing doorbells and trick or treating. She told me I was too old for this sort of thing and I STILL remember my devastation, cause truth be told, that hadn’t even occurred to me. I loooove Halloween (and you can’t believe how excited I am to dress my 7 month old in a monkey costume and carry her around the neighborhood – no one can tell me I’m too old for that!!) I’m ranting, as usual, but my point is…Meredith. That moment where she tells Mark that Ellis never got Halloween together and didn’t approve of knocking on doors, begging for food… That moment explains so so so much to me about our lovely, broken Meredith. That her first experience trick or treating is taking an earless boy around the hospital to make his pro-bono surgery happen… I find it utterly heartbreaking. And I love that Mark points out to her that she fell pretty far from the Ellis tree. I think it was critically important to Meredith to hear those words, because the haunting Meredith is feeling, is the fear that she will die alone like her Mom did. Because Derek said he might find someone else before she’s ready. And she doesn’t know how to get ready. Cause she’s an emotional cripple who’s unwilling or unable to lay her ass down on a therapist’s couch for the many years it takes to work through issues like she has. Meredith’s version of therapy – her very best idea – is to bring her mom’s ashes to work. Y’know, in a strange way it makes sense – like, she understands that she’s been sticking her mom in the back of her closet, literally and metaphorically – and that if she doesn’t start to look at this stuff (i.e.: herself) she’s in danger of dying alone (i.e.; losing Derek forever.) Life is hard isn’t it? But I love and applaud Meredith’s ongoing willingness to try – as she explains to Derek when his hands are covered in mommy dust and he’s looking at her like maybe, just maybe he should escort her up to the psych ward, “This is me trying.” See, Derek comes from sanity, and a Mom who probably made him homemade Halloween costumes every year and chaperoned the school dances and things – so it’s hard for him to get, exactly how haunted Meredith is. Richard, though, gets it. Because Ellis haunts him, too. And my favorite scene, maybe ever, is the one in which Richard and Meredith put Ellis to rest in a surgical sink. I hope, I hope, I hope you all got this. I hope so much that no one found this disrespectful. (My Dad, for the record, has been laid to rest in something like 28 different countries. He had always wanted to travel, and never got to much, so after he died, my stepmom put his ashes in many little baggies and gave them out to all his friends with the directive that when they went somewhere cool, they should bring him. I kid you not. I myself scattered him in the Bahamas, in Paris and in Scotland.) Point is, there is nowhere Ellis would rather be put to rest than in the scrubroom at Seattle Grace. This is absolutely the most respectful and appropriate thing Meredith could have done. And Ellis was a very private woman, so the intimate ceremony, her daughter and the man who loved her most, was all she would have wanted. There are more things in this episode, I know there are, but I loaned my dvd to the new writer and my assistant isn’t back yet and my brain isn’t functioning and I’m needed in the writers’ room, so I will say goodbye here and wish you all a very happy Halloween. May no one ever tell you you are too old to knock on doors and beg for food.

Xoxo, Krista



There were things I loved....But there were things I hated. THe George Izzie thing is AWFUl and I cant help but feel that way. I did like Baileys speech to George. I loved that Callie and Cristina are becoming closer.,...as close as Cristina can get. And I am glad you included the Chief in the scattering of Ellis. That was important.
Sloane just gets better and funnier...


The scene in the scrubroom with Meredith and the Chief couldn't possibly have been more perfect. There is absolutely no other place Ellis should be.

As for the rest - LOVE George and Izzie, and I SO LOVED Bailey telling George that it takes two and he's not a bad guy, and she was there when his father died and he came back a week later married. THANK YOU. He should never have gotten married, and Callie should never have married him while he was grieving. THANK YOU!!


Wow am I the first to post??

Incredible episode, Krista! Incredible blog! As usual. And I didn't even know you had your own personal blog until a friend of mine (and fellow fan) told me. And I have to say your most recent post BROKE MY HEART.

You are such an amazing writer. And as I will continue to always read here, I will also check out http://kristavernoff.blogspot.com from now on as well! More blogs, please!

LOVED tonight. Can't wait for next week!

JoAnn from Hawaii

Okay, I'm cheating. GA comes on in an hour but I've already read your posting. I now know that I'll LOVE the show. It's great to hear background information that plays with the story (eg your childhood Halloween celebrations). Thank you for sharing that. Looking forward to a great show! ~JoAnn


I feel like Grey's is really back! I laughed out loud (Happy Feet), and cheered (Alex/Ave), and I cried (Meredith/Chief/Mom) - and it was all in the same episode. I cannot wait to see where you all are going this season.


Let me tell you how wonderful EllenPompeo was tonight. Just magic. There's a REASON it's called Grey's Anatomy. I hope you don't forget it...

But while I'm at it, let me tell you how much I see you writers TRYING to break Meredith and Derek up. With all that was special with Pompeo tonight, that joy that is "Mer/Der" was all but absent and so in fact was the heart of the show sadly.

While you rebuild Meredith and I for one cannot be happier, to watch you destory the couple that in part helped make this show the success it is, is truly heartbreaking.

Honestly, no matter how much I adore Ellen Pompeo and her portrayal of Meredith Grey, then ending of Mer/Der is a deal breaker for me for season five.

Their differences is what makes them so very lovely to begin with and yet now, after the first two wonderful seasons, you try to tell us that is going to drive a wedge in between them, but we know different because you wrote it that way to begin with. Please don't end them. The lack of them tonight made the show a whole lot less for me personally.


Why are you ending Meredith and Derek right in front of us and so SO painfully? Why? A group of us get together every week to watch this show and week after week we walk away defeated in what you are doing to them... Why? I hate how you are rewriting their love story...Why are you giving up on them despite fans overwhelming support?


I LOVE LOVE Meredith and Derek. Grey's Anatomy, please don't end these two. They are why I watch the show.


Another great episode!

Loved how Mer and the Cheif paid their respects, so to speak, with Ellis's ashes.

Loved how Callie and Christina are bonding and now roomies (that will be fun to see!)

LOVE what Bailey said to George. No, things are not black and white, and no, he's not a bad guy. Thank you for finally stating that.

One complaint though: totally don't get why now Derek says he has to start dating. His relationship w/ Mer makes like, zero sense.

BUT that's okay with me, b/c I am heavily invested in Gizzie. I was about to complain tonight about the lack of Gizzie-ness until those last five seconds with all the smiling and hand holding. AW! And the previews for next week?! Squeeeee!!! I can't believe that they are actually TOGETHER! After all the fretting over the summer, and the rumers, and stupid Ausiello...anyway...I'm happy.

One more complaint though. I thought it was weird that the others weren't more shocked about George and Izzie. Mer was just kind of like, okay, I'm happy for you, not like, "but you're married!" Not like I wanted her to react that way, but I just thought it was kinda...nonchalant...

One more complaint. Alex and Ava are weird. I was like, ewwww. Don't get that. Don't get what happened. Is Ava coming back or what? Whatever, as long as Alex is away from Izzie I don't care what he does.

I'll leave you with a compliment: Cosette is a great name!
Can't wait for next week!!!

Enjoyed the episode. Congratulations on the birth of your daughter.

Why is no one except Meredith spoken of in the blog? There are fans here that watch for everyone.


Krista! I was so excited to see your name at the opening credits--I always so, so enjoy your episodes.

I'll admit, this particular espisode wasn't exactly my favorite... Don't get my wrong; I thoroughly enjoyed it... maybe Halloween just isn't my favorite holiday. (and maybe I don't so much love the extra bit of gore here).

I liked a lot of the arcs this week, but must say I'm a little concerned that this bigger cast is leading to episodes that are storyline-heavy. I love this cast and would hate to see anyone go, but I would rather less of a charector in a given episode, and get storylines that are further explored in return, than continue to have these episodes with so many arcs.

That being said, there was so much I liked about this episode. I loved the Mer trick-or-treating for ears storyline. Loved Cristina and Callie laughing in the OR. Loved Lexie talking to Meredith about her mom's cat.

Thanks for such an enjoyable episode; can't wait for next week!

Amanda McDreamy

I love how quickly you posted! Great job!

I liked this episode, but I'm getting annoyed how all of your previews show so much more, but yet they never seem to measure up. And I know that's what previews are all about, but I always liked that Grey's didn't really do that.

I hate the George and Izzie thing. Hate, hate, hate it! I really hope they get over that quick. And they are talking about being together, but he isn't even divorced yet! I just think it's crazy. Izzie should be with Alex. Let's fix this and get it straight writers!

I liked the Derek and Mark bonding. It's really one of my favourite parts of Grey's now.

I also really liked that there was more bonding between all the "new" residents. Like how they were when they were interns. It was nice to see them actually being friends instead of us viewers just knowing they are friends. Proof and reassurance is a good thing.

Thanks for a good episode. And I hope your 7 month old enjoys his first Halloween =)


Thank you for George and Izzie, they are so gorgeous together, when George grabs her hand and gently presses on it and she just smiles at him, wow, just brought tears of joy to my eyes.

Jayne from MI

LOVED THIS EPISODE-PERFECT! I laughed and cried...it's been so long! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I'm thrilled to see Meredith work toward healing and moving on (with Derek I hope!)

Amazing scene with George saying he would have given his dad his heart if he could have saved him. Also loved the scene when Izzy calls out Christina. In my opinion Christina is as dark and twisty as Meredith (if not more so!) Super funny scene with Callie and Christina in the OR! Such a great episode I could go on and on (I watched it twice)!

For the record, I'm never surprised when I see Krista's name attached to my favorite episodes... it always seems to work out that way! KUDOS KRISTA!


Really excited about George and Izzie, hope we get a kiss next week, we need one. Although that scene at the end with them was the most ebautiful thing ever, they are so in love. Makes me happy!


Amazing episode Krista! For some reason I just knew that Mer would put Ellis to rest somewhere in the hospital it just makes sense. Your episode was the first one this season that got me crying (George explaining to the father that his daughter would want him to take the heart). So much truth was put out there with each of the characters.


Loved the episode tonight. Heartbreaking and charming all at once.


I like seeing Callie spunkier and stronger. Last week she admitted she didn't forgive George, now all the sudden they are getting divorced, without even discussing it? I don't get Callie moving in with Christina. She's RICH. Maybe it's so we can see more interaction. I can't stand that silly woman doctor that is all scatterbrained (Sydney?) OK, so Ava is back.....they have 1 night, she leaves the shirt so he can smell her. I guess now we have to wait and see if he goes after her. I was in shock when that man cut his foot off. I mean, my mouth was hanging open, good job doing something unexpected. I thought the heart donation story line was very touching and sad at the same time. I hope more people consider what they would do in an unforeseen death and actually register to be an organ donor so their wishes are carried out. I think it's neat to watch Bailey become more of a friend to her previous interns. There isn't such a wall between them and she's able to be more personable with them. I really miss an OB doc on the show, so if one is brought in for McDreamy's new love interest, I hope it's either an OB/GYN or a psychiatrist for the staff to talk to.....not Norman though, he's too silly.......someone more serious so we can really get inside the way they think, not just what they say to each other. What happened to the guys from the bar? I mean, they were adopting a baby and we haven't seen them since.


great episode! i laughed out loud numerous times! seems like this episode everyone is moving on or at least is trying to. new things are a cooking up..can't wait til next week. yay! go gizzie!:)

btw..i always had the idea about the whole "ashes" in different countries deal.


Episode 12 already? Wow, going fast. I really hope you have not dropped Gizzie at that point in time, because after today's show, I am more in love with them than ever. The way they looked at each other in the end, swoons!
Loved that mer was on their side and loved Bailey's speech to george, he is not a bad guy, he just made a mistake.

And Callie married him a week after his dad's death and then she is surprised the marriage is failing? Please!

Jen in Canada

I've loved all the new epis and I've even got past alot my Gizze loathing (not all of it mind you lol) but this constant up and down with Mer/Der is getting unbearable. I love the show for all of it's characters and storylines but what drew me in and keeps me watching every week is Mer/Der. There has never been another couple on television that has captivated me in this way and it breaks my heart and wears my patience to see them keep going around on this merry-go-round of perpetual angst. Enough is enough. I and many other viewers find it tiresome and I don't know how much longer people will be willing to sit back and take it. Please deal with them, let Mer find some closure and move on before we as viewers do the same.


Ellen Pompeo is magic for sure. Meredith Grey is easily my favorite character on the show and tonight she shows why Meredith is the center of SGH.

She forgives Izzie/George when Christina cannot do so, she helps a boy to get his ears and most importantly SHE IS TRYING. SHE IS TRYING SO HARD FOR DEREK. She loves him and SHE wants so badly to be there. We do too. We so want her to be with him. We, like Shonda, root for her and him together.

Ellen Pompeo is simply wonderful. Her lovely and hearthreaking scene with Richard was so beautiful. We root for her..WE KNOW she's trying. In the end, I watch because I have hope. Hope for her comfort in life, hope for her to become that woman she so wants to be and my BIGGEST hope, for her and Derek to have that relationship that we've all wanted her to have since we first saw her on screen with him four seasons ago!

We all live in hope. Thank you for this episode.


Perfect show. All that was missing was our Meredith and Derek. Once you've finally united them, then perfection is not far away!


That was the best episode yet. Alex and Rebecca were hot hot hot, so much so that it took my Mer/Der obsessive mind of their drama rollercoaster and got me excited again.

The Mark/Derek teasing was fantastic and Bailey and George's relationship is so wonderful.

Last but not least, the Richard/Mer scene laying Ellis to rest was perfect... thank you Krista.


Krista, I should have known you were writing when we had such a wonderful episode. So sorry about your dad, breaks my heart. My mom feels the same way and her dad died 10 years ago.

I want to tell you thank you for the wonderful george and Izzie scene at the end, after last week, I was a bit losing hope with them, but this week, you brought them back as great and better than ever.

I loved how they dealt with this and I love that their love got them through the day.

And Bailey is right, it takes two to break a marriage and you do not elope with a grieving dad under no condition.

I do feel bad for Callie, but after tonight's episode, who can deny george and Izzie belong together?

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