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Drowning on Dry Land...

Original airdate: 2/15/07

So, yeah, that was Denny and Dylan.

I’m trying to be all casual about it.

Like I don’t care.

Like, you know, Denny and Dylan, whatever…I’m cool, I’m good.

But I almost hugged Jeffrey Dean Morgan to death when he arrived on set.   He was nice about it considering the restraining order he should have taken out against me during Season Two.  I was glad to see him.  And I was glad to see Kyle Chandler who was gracious enough to fly out here and film on one of his very few days off from the very well-written Friday Night Lights

See, I miss Denny and Dylan.  A lot.   So it was nice to see them for a moment, wasn’t it?  Even if Meredith is dead?

You all have some pretty strong feelings about this.  I’ve been reading your comments.  STRONG feelings.  Which I respect.  Grey’s is in its third season and we’re doing something a little…different.  It’s about time we did.  Because, just as I said when you all shouted your horror about the Meredith/George sex, I remind you that we writers like to follow the characters here and we try very hard not to make story just to make story.  We like to have a point.  Meredith being dead is about…well, you will see what it is about next week.  She was in pain, this girl. And…

…okay, I don’t want to talk about that.  Meredith being dead at the end of this episode.  I can’t.  Not yet. 

What I want to talk about is the other interns.  Because they all take some truly interesting journeys.  Izzie and Alex especially.   Izzie’s is one my favorites.  I didn’t come up with the “rock star” line and I wasn’t standing on set when it was shot but that was one of my favorite Katie Heigl moments this season.   She’s good, that girl.  What I like about Izzie is that, right now, she’s fighting for George.  No one else agrees with her and she’s going about it all wrong but still…she truly believes her best friend is in trouble and she’s fighting to make him see it.  It may be none of her business but when do we stay out of the business of those that we love?  But I gotta admit, I adore Callie and in that moment, when Izzie tells George he made a mistake marrying Callie, I hate Izzie.  Just hate her.  But she’s a good person and she never holds her tongue and for that, I respect her.  But will George?

It’s interesting to see Alex dealing with this Jane Doe and her horrible, painful to watch face.  He’s got some growing to do, this guy and hopefully, we’ll see him begin to do that.  Plus, I love the moment when he tells Addison that he’d notice if she went missing. I don’t know that they are in any way right for one another but it was a kind thing to say to a woman he has heat with.  Cause, I don’t know if you noticed?  But Addison’s lonely these days and a little bit adrift.

The most interesting one to watch this episode is Derek.  I don’t know if you remember that in first season, he said to Meredith:  “You were like coming up for fresh air.  I was drowning and you saved me.”  It was good to be able to call that back (everything comes back around eventually on this show, I find) and to see what happens when Meredith is drowning.  He’s not Mer’s knight in shining whatever – he gets kicked out the trauma room where Richard and Bailey are working on her.   He’s forced to sit out in the hall, helpless.  And he’s seeing his worst nightmare come true.  Because he’s realizing:  Meredith has become so important to him and the prospect of losing her is terrifying.  Who is he if he isn’t the guy who rescues Mer?  Who is he when he can’t save a life?

Shoots With No Script was anxious about tonight.  Not in an obvious way.  In a Shoots With No Script kind of way.   All under the surface and mellow.  But I know he was.  ‘Cause I was anxious too.   We make these episodes and then we sit still, freaked out, and wait to see how it feels when it goes on the air.  It’s a little like having to speak in public and we never get used to it.  Because you all have a reaction.  And we care about that.

Also, because Shoots With No Script and I are both a teensy bit neurotic.  But you knew that…



Pam in Janesville, CA


DENNY ?????? oh NOOOOOOOOOOO (but how VERY cool to see him again....)


DYLAN !!!!!!!!!!!! Now we are really in the afterlife......oh no. (but nice to see HIM again too :))

I hope you are not going to really kill off Meredith, in her own dark and twisty way, I tune in each week for her dose of "life, as only she knows it"....

From the preview, I hope it is not a done deal, and I won't yell. I would miss her though.

Poor, poor Derek. Nice touch for Mark to come sit with him, and for Addison to give him that brief look as the door was closing....

Cristina needs Meredity!

I know, life goes on without us, but that is just a bit stark even for me. This is after all supposed to be entertainment. (Well, Denny was heartbreaking, and Dylan, well there was a shock).

You know what I mean I think.

We need a miracle here Shonda !


Great efforts for the crew and cast.....but, I do not agree with the direction this is going.

Even if we think we are disappearing, we will always leave a lasting impression on the hearts of those who loved us - and it is worth the fight to stay long enough to say what we need to say.

Pam in Janesville


Shonda, girl, comment on the awesome-ness that is Cristina and Meredith. Please! I LOVE their friendship. Poor Cristina tonight. Please please please...! i'd love to get your insight on them :)


P.S. Loved the ep tonight.. but nooooo at the end. Why Meredith?!


beautiful. i thought about that line that derek had said in season 1 in the middle of this episode. can't wait for next week!

Killin' Me!

Holy Freakin' Crap!!!!! All I can say is what you are doing to us so unbelievably unfair. But in the very same breath, I have to commend you for great television writing. I can't go to sleep . . . so I've been online looking at all kinds of Grey's stuff online to appease me until the blog showed up. This is also the first time I've posted a comment - see how riled up you got me? Okay, really, I can't handle this!! I absolutely loved Derek in this episode - okay, I already LOVED him but really, his acting!! He made me all tingly inside!! Great job tonight - even though I hate you for putting me through this agony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Great episode, great acting all the way around. Wonderful twist at the end, although I do kind of hate you for it! Derek isn't the only one who would be lost without Meredith - she's Christina's person, and Christina looked devastated. Nice moment between Derek and Mark. I can't wait for next week.


Shonda - you and your team of writers are BRILLIANT. Even thought plenty of shows have done the "hero dies and faces issues" storyline, you did it in a way that had me and my best friend (who lives 300 miles away) alternately gasping and shrieking at our televisions while we furiously texted each other during commercial breaks.

I can't wait till next week's episode so we can see where you next take us on this incredible ride.

Oh, and Patrick Dempsey's acting in this ep was even better than I could have imagined. McDreamy's pain was so palpable that it was hard to watch (and that's a compliment!).

Thanks again Shonda!

Jessica Lee

I'm suprised there are no comments up here... I don't know what to say... I don't know what to expect, and I really didn't think you guys would do that to Meredith. I'm in awe... I'm speechless... I don't know if I can wait until next thursday, but I guess I don't have a option... I really really don't know what to say...


The show can't be Grey's Anatomy without Meredith. Please let her make a miraculous recovery. What's with the trailer for next week? The devastating conclusion???


YOU CAN'T, CAN'T, CAN'T KILL MEREDITH!!! Seriously... no really Seriously. I'm going to try to keep the faith, that she'll be brought back and this is for the greater good. You better have a point, and A DAMN GOOD ONE! I think your show is amazing, the writing is amazing, but killing off Meredith, well... there's just nothing I can decipher, disect, or formulate in my head to make that turn into anything good, or positive for anyone! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Wow the first comment! Yes I was sitting here waiting for the blog from tonights show. I too read the comments on the other blog about the reaction to the show. I had to laugh a little knowing that I wasn't the only one more than a little mad at the idea of Mer dying. I love her and I love this show. I love the drama and the very real moments. Especially tonight and the expressions of Derek and Christina. Priceless. I couldn't wait for tonights epi and now I have less patience waiting for next week! I will be hoping that there is a miracle to bring back Mer...


Holly crap... crazy episode. Loved Izzie to death in it. She was so happy, and she deserves it, and she can do surgery!!!!! and her speech at the end, i know some don't like it, but i liked it. I want to see the fall out between her and George though...And lastly Merideth coming out of the water...very shocking!


On Derek not being Meredith's Knight-In-Shining-Whatever...DUDE. he totally pulled her out of the water. Where she was, you know, DROWNING. If that's not Knight-In-Shining-Whateverness, I don't know what is.

I really enjoyed this episode. I loved Izzie, particularly when she called the Chief for help and when she yelled at the friends for freaking out and all. She was a rockstar. Really and truly. And Cristina? Was also wonderful. I'm very much looking forward to her freakouts next week with Meredith being dead and all.

But what everyone needs to bear in mind is this: You are not dead until you are warm and dead. You cannot actually call somebody (unless, you know, they're missing their head or are chopped in half or something like that) until their core body temperature is around 92.5. So...Mer's got a lot of warming to go. And with that warming...there's hope.

And Derek? My heart went out to him (I actually cried), and I loved when Mark sat next to him and touched his arm and just STAYED with him. And did things a FRIEND does when one's friend is in pain.

And Izzie hugging Cristina? And Cristina not pushing her off or aside? Wonderful.

All in all, I cannot wait until next week.


If you do have Alex and Addison sleep together, please don't let that stop the chief from making her his replacement as chief of surgery! Don't lead us to believe that she's the front-runner and then, just take that away, okay? Thanks!

Also, yay for bringing Denny back!


Please dont kill meredith. i love her and i cant imagine the show w/o her. seeing how much derek loves her and how sad he was broke my heart. please please please let her be okay. and i think alex and addison need to get together because even tho addison has done some horrible things to derek she has changed and she is a great person and those 2 both deserve to be happy. thank you so much for making this show it is by far my all time favorite. =)

Katherine(Katie) Gray

Seriously, i can't describe how wicked it is to have a show that gets progressively better each week. i cried harder than i have in a long time for alot of this episode, but i also laughed in parts too. This was amazing. but if meredith is dead for ever (which i dont truly believe) then i'm going to kick some ass.
Fantastic. absolutely brilliant. patrick dempsey was heartbreaking. i LOVED how mark was at his side, and it's funny because somehow i knew that one was coming. i love that when it came to the woman derek loved, this time all that mattered to mark was being there for him, not "doing" her.
Katherine Heigl is amazing and the way she can pull off those funny "rockstar" lines and then break your heart 5 seconds later is a rare quality.
I also loved that christina referenced Meredith being her "person." I love the continuity and i love this show more than i can possibly say in this little box, but you should know i finished watching about 7 hours ago, i've been up working on a film set since last night, but i stayed up until the blog and podcast came out because i just couldn't wait until morning.

Ohh wow!!! You guys are killing me!! You make it impossible for me to study on thursday nights! I have a midterm tomorrow and all I can think about is this show!

Meredith can't die, can she???

Awesome episode! You guys are amazingly brilliant!!


Another fantastic episode that kept me on the edge of my seat. please don't kill meredith. i know i have no control over what you guys do but.... please dont do it. and even though i was crying when meredith was flatlining and blue in the face, i did let out a squeal when i saw denny and dylan.
in other news, i have loved alex karev since day one and now am such a smitten kitten with him. he has grown so much and i really appreciate that. keep up the great work and can't wait till next week!


Very emotional episode! AAHHHH!!!! I can't wait until the finale.


shonda just don't let us go to the dreamland....please..take us anywhere but not on dreamland and twilight zone land and please don't break our mer/der please...but i like the mer/der jumping out of the water scene this epi...and for that at least for this moment. I love you.


Thanks Shonda for tonight's show. I love it! I am so happy to see Izzie is back in the game to be able to practice medicine again. I can't wait until next Thursday. You are a rock star, Shonda!


I'm dying here! I could hardly breathe during the entire show! Very happy to see Denny. VERY sad to see that he came to Mer instead of Izzie. Couldn't I just have that one moment? Loved that Dylan showed up! Best moment: Derek accepting Mark's support. Worst moment: Christina may think that Mer is her "person" (That's as great as Va-jay-jay", BTW) but Christina needed to notice that there were people suffering all around her and all she can worry about is telling Mer her news. I'm tired of Christina and Burke's self-absortion. Shonda. YOU. ARE. BRILLIANT. I'm setting the countdown clock till next Thursday. I've watched part 2 three times already and it's only 1:30AM! It just keeps on getting better, line by line, frame by frame. Thanks for taking Television to new limits!

Angela T

"He’s got some growing to do, this guy and hopefully, we’ll see him begin to do that"

Um. He has some growing to do. But, you're saying you haven't seen him already make great strides? You mean him being drawn to obstetrics this whole season wasn't growth? You mean how he was in tuned to the pregnant patient's worries last week, and even came to check up on her although he couldn't be at her surgery wasn't growth? I know he didn't know what to do when the man found out his wife was dead, and that's a sign that he has more growing to do, but I've spent all this time beforehand watching something that wasn't growth, because you hope he'll begin? I guess all that before (not to mention his actions with crazy Izzie -more on her later- during last season's finale) was pre-growing growth? But, thank you for giving him some good stuff, for letting him interact with the others, and not just when it would have been too obvious to leave him out. Thank you for the awkwardness of him not knowing how to comfort the grieving husband. And, for how he really wanted the Jane Doe to be the man's wife. Wonderful stuff. And, thank you for actually mentioning him in the blog.

On to Izzie. Overkill. The music, the Chief almost in tears, the Denny mention. Yeah, you love him. You had him in the after life. Can't Izzie go 5 minutes without saying the guy's name? Especially those particular 5 minutes? And, I BELIEVE there is no excuse for her bringing up her feelings about George's marriage at that moment. I BELIEVE there is nothing good about that. I BELIEVE that normal people know there's a time and place for everything. And, when one man is crying because he thinks his friend will die, and another woman is in shock because her person might die, the good advice on how wrong a marriage is can wait.

Otherwise I loved seeing all the interns gathered together. This is the show about them. I was worried it would only be the attendings and we wouldn't see Meredith's friends standing guard.

I'm afraid I don't share your Denny love. I would be indifferent if it weren't for Izzie. But, I have to say, just the eye candy of Dylan made up for the cheese of Meredith seeing him and Denny in the afterlife.

I want to be like Bailey!

Okay I see everybody and I mean I see them and love who they are! I take off work so I can see this show and being at my job is a lot of fun so taking off is never easy but I have to. I dont like record it and watch it later, I have to be there, live it like everybody else. But I couldn't help but watch every character and love them. Izzie being a rock star was GREAT! Christina missing Mer. was a true friendship, Christina needed Mer, Mer is her person! I love that! I have my person and yes as soon as I finished watching this I called my person, just to make sure she was there. Everybody has grown but I love the fact that some people dont grow when you want them to. Prime example Alex! He didn't grow when we wanted him to, he grew when no one else was around. I LOVED that! Everyone was strong and I couldn't help but smile at that! Then there is my role model the strongest of the strong but has a heart of gold Bailey! I love her! I saw her take over, with that little bit of unsureness in her eyes when she saw who it was, but she was Bailey! I cant wait until next week! Again I will be off work by 7:30 just to make sure I have an extra 30 minutes to get home and get settled. Why you ask? Because we figure out what happens and of course Bailey cries! Yes Bailey the "I am strong and you will respect me" shows emotion and its in tears this time not anger! Ohhh I cant wait!

Always a fan.

I want to be like Bailey...
Aubry J


Oh MY GOD!!!!!!!! I've never cried for a tv character like i did today!! Shonda, i absolutely LOVE you!! We know our dark and twisty girl will be ok. It's amazing how so many people can relate to these characters!!!! Thank you SHONDA for the greatest show ever!!!!!!! I cannot wait til next week when meredith is all happy and hugs derek!! Absolutely intense episode!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!

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