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Shonda Rhimes on “Time Has Come Today” and other things…

Welcome to Season Three!!!

We here at Grey’s are all really excited about the new season and dear God, I hope you are too.  I personally was itching to get back to work.  I’m not a vacation kind of girl.  I’m also clearly not a girl who exists well outside the four walls of Seattle Grace Hospital.  I was missing George and the gang.   So coming back to work was all about joy.  But right now, this minute, today?  I’m also kinda nervous. 

About Thursday nights. 

I wasn’t.  I was fine.  I didn’t even feel a twinge.  Seriously (sorry for the unwarranted usage of “seriously” this early in the season).   But --- seriously.  I was feeling no pressure, no pain.  What a fun job!  I love it!  I am a stress-free, happy-go-lucky, glass half full freak of nature!  I mean, I was.  The head of ABC Steve McPherson (seriously, would it surprise you to know that I secretly call him McFee?) was all, “Shonda, we’re moving you to Thursday” and I was all, “Whoo-hoo!”  And I got really super excited.  Because Thursday?  Is a rocking night for television.  I did some dances of joy. 

Then I woke up this morning and, out of nowhere, found myself FREAKED OUT.  Because Thursdays?  Is a rocking night for television.  And McFee’s a smart man, a brilliant man, a man who has plans (very McVet of him to have plans, right?) and I trust him because…hello?  He has done pretty damn well by our show thus far.  So I trust him.  But still…do me a favor and set your VCRs and your Tivos and most important, plant your heinies in front of the TV Thursday night at 9 pm and watch.  Okay?  So I don’t burst a blood vessel in my brain from the stress?   Because I really love Mer and Der and Burktina and Iz and Alex and George and Callie and Addison and the Chief and Bailey and I’m like this worried Mama whose kid starts a new school and maybe won’t make any friends.

Enough about the freaking and the Thursdays.  Let’s discuss the thing you guys wanna know about.  Which is what’s gonna happen in the first episode.  Ready?


Okay, yeah, I can’t tell you anything.  Not anything in detail.  Cause that takes the fun out of watching.  But I’ve noticed that a lot of you in the comments section and over on the message boards seem to be dissecting the promos for clues.  And all I have to say is…we are going places you can’t imagine.  Or maybe you can imagine but you don’t expect.  And I want to tell you, really I do but…well, I’m trying to keep it to myself.

The first episode is going to take place pretty much where the end of Season Two left off.  Because I don’t believe in jumping ahead three months and leaving people scratching their heads and muttering, “Dude…what happened while we were away?”  I feel like SO much happened at the end of last season that I owe it to the characters to have them deal with the aftermath.  And I owe it to you to let you watch the aftermath.  Cause Denny died (yeah, I’m still not over that – I saw Jeff Dean Morgan a week ago at the DVD release party and almost burst into tears of joy and hugged him for about ten minutes because it was like Denny was back and alive and in my arms…but alas, it was just JDM who is super-cute and incredibly talented and has grown this adorably sexy scruffy stubble but is, in fact, not actually Denny anymore because Denny is dead) and Burke got shot and Meredith lost her panties…

Those panties…dude, those panties play a big part in the first couple of episodes.  Those panties are key.  Cause Meredith never put them back on.  She rushed out to deal with Izzie and left Derek who was asking “Meredith, what does this mean?” and she never had a chance to put those panties back on.   So watch for the panties – and I don’t just mean the shot in the promos that has them on the bulletin board in the hospital.

The first episode (which is called “Time Has Come Today”) deals with, not just the aftermath, but also with the past.  I encourage you to watch the original very first episode of Grey’s Anatomy from Season One because, if you pay attention to the dialogue and the details, you will be rewarded in this premiere episode with some (hopefully) very interesting tidbits.  And I hate the word “tidbits” but it does describe what I mean perfectly.  This first episode of Season Three is meant to reward hardcore fans -- it’s also meant to bring us to a place where we can say goodbye to Denny as well as deal with the Mer/Der/Finn of it all.  Just remember that nothing is ever wrapped up easily on this show.  Because things aren’t neat and clean in real life.

Here I should stop.  I shouldn’t say anything more.  Because I don’t want to tell you too much.  Cause I don’t want to ruin it for you.


Thursday night.

9 pm (8 pm if you live in the midWest).

Watch and let me know what you think…



Double TiVo set because I am going out of the country on business for two weeks. I don't have the nerve to tell the boss I can't go on this plum assignment because of Greys. But I don't want to go. I want to stay home and watch the MerDer of it all. Good luck and I hope you get the number one rating for the week.

Sandi D

Shonda, my husband and I are getting Tivo just for GA! I have classes Thursday nights and don't get home till....gasp....halfway through the episode. So...we decided to get Tivo so I can see every last juicy minute. I guess that means you have one less person to freak out about! I will be watching. =)


Thank you for this post! I missed you guys and new episodes of the show SO MUCH this summer!

Lisa Thummel

WOOHOO!!!!!! I've been waiting for this blog to be back! Thanks for the "info" Shonda! I've been watching my DVD's nonstop lately just getting myself completely prepared to watch the premiere! (That's right- my family has officially labeled me OBSESSED with Grey's!)

I'll definitely be going back and watching the first one again. Thanks for the heads up!!!!

I'm just so excited that there is no longer a "whole summer!" before we find out what's going to happen! Less than..... 58 hours now!!! WOOOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!!


Okay ... I have been checking EVERY DAY for updates to this, something, ANYTHING beyond "Harry and Gabrielle on Syphilis" ... and now we get this TEASE!!!! Oh Shonda, you are killing us! I CAN NOT WAIT for Thursday night to get here! I have had serious withdrawals. So, I guess I say "thank you" - I think - for at least updating us with SOMETHING!! But seriously, who finds the panties?? Come on, can't you tell us?


Shonda, you are awesome! Thanks for the new blog. You are just so great to do these blogs for us fans. I trust you and your writers completely and I cannot wait for Thursday! You could have moved to any night and I would have followed. Both my DVRs are ready to record (just in case) and you know I will be on my living room couch watching it live this Thursday with my hubby.
The wait is finally over!!!!


ObscureAllure (From the MB!)

Shonda don't be worried! You have a larger following now then you had before, I promise you that. Over the summer we have been recruiting for you! And Shonda - I am glad to know that not only do you listen to rating, but you listen to US. You read the comments and the MB. You should so make a SN and chat with us on the spoiler thread! You don't have to tell us its you or anything - we'll love you even if you are in hiding!!!! :)

You are doing great, the show is doing great, and we will KICK BUTT!

(Seriously, though - please inform ABC that our MB needs help. Like how the other MBs have areas and folders and such. Just a thought. That way when you come and join us on the MB you can actually navigate through it!!! :) And the SPOILER THREAD RULES! GO NUTBUCKETS!!!!!)




I have NEVER in my LIFE been looking forward to a new season like this one!! In the past couple of weeks, I watched my Season 1 and Season 2 dvds. I've about had a seizure over all the promos. The suspense is killing me!! I CAN"T WAIT until THURSDAY! I've been trying to figure out what makes this show so different from the rest. For me it's probably a couple of things. First, the Mer/Der/Addison/Finn thing reminds me of my own past and how the decisions I made back then got me to where I am today. Second, the chemistry between Mer and Der - HOT - it's like lightening in a bottle!! Third, I love a good cliffhanger!!! Congrats on an awesome show!! I'll miss my Sunday night obsession but I'll definitely be watching on Thursday! (But, PLEASE let Mer and Der get together but not in an adulterous relationship!)


What to say other than, SERIOUSLY glad the wait is over!

I started the show mid-way as my sister kept nagging me about it, and guess what: I AM MORE OBSESSED with the show than I think she is.


Shonda --

Just thought of a great future extra for the DVD's. Some of these blogs. I would love to be able to watch an episode and then get the writers and/or medical blogs about what I just saw. Can not wait for Thursday.

Thanks for the wonderful show.


Just promise that if the ratings fall to far that ABC will move Grey's Anatomy back to Sundays cause I don't want see it be cancelled.

I can't wait til Thursday!


I rewatched the Season 2 finale and am soooo excited for Thursday night!

Thanks for the tip about rewatching the very first episode. I'll do that before Thursday, too.


Personally, I don't care what night you are on - my heinie (and my daughter's) shall be glued to the couch on Thursday nights, come what may! I picked up the season 2 DVD and had a marathon over the weekend to prepare for Thursday night. And I'm so glad to see an update on the blog! Only two more sleeps!


Don't worry, Grey's Anatomy is the best thing on in the 9/8c timeslot. Grey's is going to rule.I can't wait for thursday, I am unpatiently awaited it's arrival. Every time I see a preview, everything has to stop and I have to watch (even though I have already seen the promo a thousand times0 and I get all gitty like a school girl. But sadly I was expected Grey's on Sunday and was sadly dissapointed when it didn't come on, my poor hubby got yelled at for it, even through I know it was not his fault.

Amy (Flipflopmom and fellow Nutbucket)

We have coined ourselves Nutbuckets...the crazy fans from the MB...I think maybe in your honor we should call ourselves the "McNutbuckets"...

Dear Shonda and Co.: I am crazy excited for Thursday night and can't wait to see what you have for us! We will be watching so stop the freaking...no worries! My husband and I will be putting the kids to bed by 7:45, grabbing our glasses of chard and sitting our "heinies" in front of the TV! 2 days, 8 hours and 58 minutes to go!


Cannot wait!


No worries, Shonda! I got my husband and 3 other people hooked on GA over the summer. You're a force to be reckoned with! We've got our Tivo set and are having a Grey's party on Thursday - CAN'T WAIT!!! Thanks as always for listening to your fans, for the blog, and for the best writing on television. We love you!!


This has been a long summer without Grey's. My only problem is that the only other program that I won't miss is CSI, which now comes on the same time as Grey's. So of course, I will be taping CSI and watching Grey's. But don't worry Shonda, we will be watching. You could have given us a little more info about the first episode. But, we have waited this long, we can wait a couple more days.


Totally rock my socks off Shonda! We are ready and willing for Thursdays! To most of us, it's just any other day that is filled with the presence of GA! Screw CSI!

zoe yang

Shonda, I love speculating, but I know that your plans (which I hope are better than Finn's) will far exceed anything we can imagine. I bet your promos are full of foilers as well. Those probably aren't even Meredith's panties on the board. Maybe they're mine since McDreamy met me in an exam room after he was done with Mer (that's why he returned so late to prom). Just so you know, September 21 also happens to be my birthday, isn't that so cool? And because I love your show so much I'm postponing my birthday celebrating plans until Friday so I can fully focus on Grey's. Yes, your show is responsible for making me antisocial, so I hope the pay-off is worth it.

And some suggestions for future epis...maybe you should re-watch some of Patrick Dempsey's earlier films. Have you seen "Life in the Fast Lane" where he wears a leather vest and licks scissors? I would pay big bucks to see Derek (maybe in Meredith's fantasy) licking some scissor blades, and I bet it would help with ratings against that *other show whose name I won't mention*. ;) It would totally top the threesome shower scene.

And a question for your FAQ that's really bugging me. Cristina is Korean, but her last name is Yang. Can you please explain this? Because my surname is Yang too, but I'm Chinese, and I've never heard of Yang as a Korean name. Are you sure? (not that I'm doubting you, but I've really never met a Korean Yang while there are millions of Chinese Yangs) Can you consult with Sandra Oh about this and put a response on the FAQ? Seriously, this question keeps sometimes keeps me up at night. But in any case, it makes me secretly happy that I share a family name with a Grey's character, and a badass at that. And my middle name is Isabel too (spelled different from Izzie's but close enough) but I would never cut an LVAD wire, just so you know.

I love you Shonda. Please take good care of my favorite show (basically the only thing I watch on TV).



I'm a hardcore Fan and can't wait for the flashback of the red shirt and that tiny black dress Georgie loves so much. I will make sure to tune in every single thrusday night with my Team Der/Mer shirt on tooting my Grey's Anatomy horn... I knew that her panties would could back and bite her in the butt..... And I think I know who finds them, I think we all know who finds them... Thank you shonda for everything you really are my Hero!!


Nikki from MD

SHONDA YOUR BACK!! We MISSED YOU!! Okay I am on of those people on the mb's trying to dissect all of the new promos we are getting.. although ALL of know as much as we try we will never figure it out.

I have watched every single episode a million times, but I will go back tonight and watch S1EP1. No need to worry about Thursdays, US DIE HARD fans will follow you anywhere. I CANNOT BELIEVE we only have 2 more days left!!! I know we are in for a ride and I cannot wait!



Shonda, you have taken care of us for so long that now it is time for us to take care of you. Trust me, we all got your back and will all be planted in front of the tv watching, supporting our favorite TV show that has taken over most of our lives. We got your back, so don't worry. Just go back to work and continue make awesome episodes.

We are all counting the days. Thanks for writing.

Rebecca Lucente

Shonda, this show has turned many normal people (me) into raving lunatics. And I love you for it. The quality of writing on the show is unparalled on television, and unprecendented on a major network. And all the characters are just so real. I got my first DVR for Grey's, I said goodbye to the OC for Grey's, and I have encouraged all my friends with Tivo to get the new dual tuner so they can record grey's and whatever else they usually watched on thursday nights.
I think the fan base will surprise you when the ratings start coming in.

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