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From Gabrielle and Harry, writers of "Band-aid covers the bullet hole"

Original Airdate: 3-12-06

Hello, everyone!

This is Gabrielle writing.  We hope you enjoyed the episode.  We had a great time writing it. And a great time casting it.  We were so excited to get such amazing guest stars.  Who knew Natalie Cole would let us put a fork in her neck!  A prosthetic fork actually, but it looked very real, even in person.  We were joking that she should leave it in and go out to dinner that evening.  “Excuse me waiter, but I seem to have misplaced my fork…”

Natalie was really lovely in real life and we were super impressed with her performance.   If only we had known when we were writing the script that Natalie was going to be our Sylvia.  We would’ve written in a couple songs for her to sing.  How cool would that have been?

We were also excited to get Teddy Dunn to play Heath our overly enthusiastic hockey player.  When he left after his audition, I turned to Peter Horton and said, “Oh, My God.  He plays Duncan Cain, Veronica’s boyfriend on Veronica Mars. I love him!”  Peter looked at me like I was nuts, but Harry and I watch that show religiously and think Teddy is an amazing actor.  I love his expression when he tells George he cut off his own finger.   I tried very hard not to stalk him around the set for VM nuggets. 

I loved shooting all the stuff with Cristina and Bailey’s baby.  The sad truth is I didn’t have to dig very deep to write those scenes.  I am terrible with babies.   I have no experience with them and am always convinced I’m going to drop them.  I’m especially terrified when they’re super-super small.  I’m afraid I’m going to hold them wrong and their little head is going to just snap off and roll away.  How do I explain that to their parents?   Just this weekend, my sister Lexie was in town with her six week old baby daughter, Zuzu.   I was holding Zuzu, and doing pretty well I thought, until Lexie turned to me and said, “Why are you holding her like she’s going to explode or something?”   I guess I’ll stick with my dog.

Finally, I hope everyone thought the “Burke and George’s All-Star Band” was as hilarious as we did.  Isaiah plays the trumpet in real life.,. but T.R. worked really hard to get the finger moves down for his clarinet playing.  Maybe we should get them to play at Joe’s Bar sometime.  Natalie could sing!

Cheers, Gabrielle.

P.S. Harry, here.  So even though “Grey’s” is set in Seattle, it doesn’t mean that we’re Seattle sports fans, well at least not me.  If I can just say… the Pittsburgh Steelers are world champions. 

Shonda threw a fabulous Super Bowl party so everyone could watch the bomb in the chest/Super Bowl episode, and, believe it or not, there were a few of us (all boys) there to actually watch the game before the episode aired. 

Shonda gave us sports watchers our own dedicated viewing room, with a HUGE plasma TV.  I sat across from Steve Bailey, Joe the Bartender, who is as big a Seahawk fan as I am a Steeler fan.  There was good natured and rather spirited cheering throughout the game that ended in a hug of mutual respect post-game. 

Then Shonda saw something she said she’d never seen before – “man weeping” as I watched the Steelers hoist the Lombardi Trophy.  One for the thumb.


Chelsea G.

Pittsburg Steelers? Oh please. They would not, could not have even went to the Super Bowl without the terrible tragedy of the Colts. A real match up would have been the Colts and the Seahawks. Maybe then the refs would not had to call such a bad game in order to give the Steelers the advantage??? Look it up...and do some research, after the Super Bowl there were numerous papers and sports broadcasting slamming the afficiating at the game. How does the team with more running yards and more first downs loose the Super Bowl to an inferior team? Ahhh due to the men in black, and white that is. Other than that, the Grey's Episode this week was better than last week's. Go Hawks!

Mary in Boston

Um, no comment about the ending scene with Addison and Derek?


I am distraught! A massive thunderstorm knocked out our satellite!! While it added to the feeling of being in Seattle, it ruined the feeling of snuggling in with my favorite show! *sniff*

What I saw, I loved as always.



This was one of my favorite episodes. All about the people. Loved the ending with Burke and George playing instruments. Interesting that Izzy seems more drawn to Denny than the guy she's sleeping with. I almost felt bad for Alex!

Good stuff, can't wait for next week.

:) Pam


Maybe it's just me but I would really love a better blog post than that. I wait every week to read it and then I get this? It offered no insight into the story and that is why I read this. Normally I recall the episode fondly and often laugh when I remember certain scenes but not this time. I just wish it would have been better. Maybe you could add more?


WOO HOO! Thanks, Harry for that Steelers support! I visited the Joe's Bar website shortly after the game and got a bit turned off about the whining about the Seahawks losing. I decided it would not interfere w/ my love of GA, and it has not, I just don't go to Joe's bar anymore (my bar days are past me anyhow ;-)).

Thanks for a very enjoyable episode. I particularly loved the moment after Mere tells Der the horrible thing she's done - and for a fleeting second you see a look on P. Dempsey's face like he agrees with the rest of her friends, but then he thinks, no, I can't do that, and he manages to pull something off but then quickly exits the room.

Please, can we get rid of Addison? Yeah, okay, maybe she does look like Catherine Deneuve, but she's not the right partner for McDreamy. There's no union there. I'm getting annoyed at the attempts to make me like her or feel sorry for her.

All that aside, though, I really enjoy the show - keep up the great work!


Seriously, this is all you give us? There must be more. Let me just say congrats on making me hate George even more. I didn't think it was possible but I do. And I didn't think it was possible for me to love Meredith more than I already do... but turns out I do. I thought it was a good episode... but this is all you give us??!?

I.J    ---Washington DC

You still have not explained the reason why Bailey came to work with her baby or at least walking around the unclean and infectious hospital. And enough already about Mer & Der it is either they are or they are not. Please let me know or at least help Mer to move on, for God's sake she is losing so much weight thinking about Der.
Please stop making George a whining girl, I understand he is angry, but for how long are you guys going to stretch this.


No Meredith talk? Or Derek? Or Addison? I thought there were some very important views to discuss in that department. Along with this insessent triangle that we keep having to go thru every week!

Nikki from MD

Hi Gabrielle,

I enjoyed reading your blog, :) but alot ouf us fans are flipping out over the Mer/Der/Addi situation.. Where is this headed??? ALL of us Mer/Der fans need some sort of hope, we are dying here!


Well I loved this episode! (Especially after haveing to wait an EXTRA week!)I watched my tape this morning...I can't stay up as late as it's on ... I love how the fork was hidden from view until just the right moment!

Funny .. how the cut off finger made me say "Ewwww" .. but the baby poop didn't! (Guess that's because I've dealt with the poop!)

I'm really looking forward to the next episodes .. I'm kind of hoping Alex will be shipped off to another Hospital for some specialized training (like maybe he "wins" some intern lottery and gets to go study under someone just as obnoxious as he is! LOL!) ... Then Izzy maybe can focus on other things!

Thanks for another great episode! I'm going to go watch it again!


I really enjoyed this episode for both the baby edge and the Meredith and Derek edge. You can just SEE them getting closer. I mean there is just something about their on stage chemistry that goes HEELLLOOOOOO...we're fabuloouuuus! :) Also Christina with the baby, priceless. I could see that they weren't her strong suit. But she THRIVES on a challenge. Which is Christina's characteristic numero uno. I think. She is always trying to step ahead of the game, and get the best from it. :) I did enjoy this episode. However, could we get some meredith and derek make out scenes or something. Also, it's about time for things to go perfect for Georgie boy, and that doctor, (Brainfart, can't remember her name) but the bones doctor..she's gorgeous and makes him feel at ease after the nervousness goes away. I like that. :)
Please find me and hire me so I can be near the beautiful people; actors and writers of course, for Grey's Anatomy. :)



Dear Gabrielle and Harry,
You have written my other two favorites episodes so I had big expectations for this week.
I loved the Syph episode and the One Night Stand Episode but I was so disappointed this week.

I watched the Sopranos.
I switched to Greys Anatomy
I wish I would have watched Big Love.

This week the preview clips at Yahoo.com were followed by clips from Season 1. This was a glaring comparison of the two seasons. The first was fast, fun and flirty. This season is slow, sad and silly.

I hope that you, Shonda and the other writers watch the Sopranos and then watch this weeks episode of Greys Anatomy right after it. There is NO COMPARISON – and this is not good for Greys. The Sopranos had a sharp fast moving plot line and Grey’s drudged through another episode of the never-ending triangle. On top of this triangle we have to endure George’s immature behavior, Izzie’s absurd relationship with a patient and the idiotic notion that a physician would bring a newborn to work.

My friends and I chat online after Greys. One of the friends immediate comment was that she should have watched Big Love and that is how I felt also. We also feel that Greys has decided to follow in the steps of ER and become a show based on the inner suffering of the characters. This is not entertainment.

Maybe we could borrow from the Sopranos for one episode and put a hit on one member of the never-ending triangle, rub out eternally annoying George, and pull the plug on Denny.

It is going to take something that drastic to get this show back on track. I am sorry I didn’t like this episodes but I have loved your past episodes and had very high expectations


Finally you posted! I have checked the blog at least ten times today. I'm going to get fired. My husband and I are huge fans of the show and I love the blog. I enjoyed the episode, as usual, but would have loved a little more info regarding the episode. If you have a chance please "dish a little more dirt" for all of your fans. Thank goodness Grey's was back this week!!! -Oscars-who needs 'em-give me Grey's. I hope to read more on the blog soon.


Yay! More of Dr Torres! Please, please PLEASE keep her around some more. I love her. She's like, the perfect anti-Meridith for George. I love this show, and all you writers are me TV land heroes. You write drama and comedy seamlessly. If you ask me, that's a pretty hard line to walk.

Also, I got my mom hooked on this show. And considering she's a slave to reality television, this is just a testement to the awesomeness that is Grey's Anatomy.


That's it? SERIOULSY?


Here We Go Steelers!!!

I love the Steelers!! I nearly cried too as Bill Cower and Dan Rooney held the Lombardi Trophy. Between winning the Super Bowl and the bomb in the chest empisode, it's a wonder I made it through the evening.

Love the show, keep up the good work!


What about Meredith and Derek????? You can't not mention something about them... The beginning of the show was awesome with the two of them, then something went wrong...TERRIBLY WRONG!!!!! Please explain and give us some hope!!! PLEASE!!!


I loved the episode! Burke and George playing music was DEF funny. And when he took Bailey's baby...he really does make a better girlfriend!


This is not the insightful blog I was looking for. Last night's episode was sort of shallow, and I was really hoping for something to make it understandable.
I am really disappointed.


I loved this episode Gabrielle. it was great to see Teddy Dunn appear as I have missed Duncan on veronica Mars! I guess the Duncan mystery is solved eh?

I also have to say how much I love Sarah Ramirez. I was fortunate enough to see her in Spamalot on Broadway and after the show she came out and seems like such a nice person in real life. Are you guys going to have her sing on the show? Maybe she can join George's and Burke's band :D

I notice you didn't comment on Derek and Meredith which i thought was odd. I think they are examples of how men and women who still have deep feelings for each other just can't be friends. His face just fell when Meredith told him what went on with George. My thought was, How dare he he's the one that's keeping her attached.

The Denny stuff is getting good. I cant' believe how much of a prick (can we say that here?) Alex is about Denny. The dude is on his death bed and all he's worried about is whether or not he gets laid so he tells the poor dude that he's with Izzie, blah blah. Such a jerk.

Though I do love the stuff with Cristina and Bailey's baby. Who knew george would come to the rescue again :D Meredith in the elvator with George was cute too, but the derek strategy probalby isn't going to work on george.

All in all though I thought the episode was wonderful especially Natalie Cole's appearance. I was sort of hoping that it would bring Addison and Derek closer since it sort of was the same situation with the marriages. But i'm sure you guys will get more into that later in the season. Anyway Great going gabrielle!


in the beginning of last night's episode, i had hope for a mer/der relationship. the flirting, the dog.. their new "friendship!" and then my hopes are crushed as der apologizes to addison (i know inspired by "sylvia" and her marriage).. and it seems there is now a chance for a der/addison happy marriage! i am so upset. addison, please move back to ny already!!


While I love the fact that you are posting about the "behind-the-scenes" on the show, I am greedy for more detailed info. I want to know what's going on in Derek's head. I want to know if he's ever going to find out about Addison staying with Mark? I want to know if Derek can get past feeling hurt over Meredith's fiasco with George? I want to know! I guess that's why I keep coming back every Sunday night! Great writing...great parallel with the fork couple and Der/Addy. My personal feeling is that Derek has to work through all of this stuff with Addy to break free on the other side of it with no guilt. George, I think, is responding like all emotionally immature boys would...he's giving the silent treatment and sulking. His crush was immature and his response is immature. He can be amazingly wonderful, but in this case, he needs to get over himself. And Burke doesn't know what he's in for if he doesn't snap out of this boy bonding stage he's in. Christina isn't going to put up with much more. And Izzie (judgemental little peach that she is) is setting herself up for a major heartbreak. Alex is reverting to the snarky, smart-ass he was when we met him. Did I mention that I love this show?


Okay....I hate to hurt anyones feelings but this episode was probably the worst one that I have seen. It didn't go anywhere...it didn't have any meaning. Maybe a lot of us missed what the point of this episode was? Can you go into more details as to what you were thinking or getting at with this episode? If you refer to the message board on abc.com I am sure that you will read a lot of fans are very disappointed with the last 2 episodes. Please writers bring back the Grey's that we all fell in love with.

Johanna Barr

"And you know what? It takes two to make a stupid sexual decision. So, whatever."


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